WINNER of the Weekly Terrible Poetry Contest 4/10/2020

That’s it. You are all fired. I asked for terrible! Terrible! You are all too good to be terrible! Even the terrible poems worked well!

I had to pick a winner, of course, and that is:


by Joem18b

the slow loris moves
so slowly … s l o w l y … s l o w l y
it’s why it’s called that


My really bad Senryū

by Bruce Goodman

My fluffy pet moth
Flew into the candle flame on my dining room table
And went Szzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Congratulations, Joem and Bruce! You are the most terrible poets of the week!

Since all y’all are fantastic poets who can’t seem to drop that skill for this highly prestigious contest, I chose Joem and Bruce for being the best at some mis-meter play in their senryu.

Congratulations, all the rest. You are hilarious and wonderful, too:


by Susan Zutautas

Hammy the hamster
Was such a little prankster
He hid in dad’s shoe

When dad stepped into
Are you ready for this one
Squish, Hammy no more



by Ruth

Under rubber treads
Grey fur mangled and matted
Roadkill rat squashed flat


The Daredevil

by The Abject Muse

Armadillo lies
in the middle of highway
plays chicken with cars


Untitled piece

by Jon

slimy salamander
vivid yellow patterning
in dank dark earth


Untitled piece

by Trent McDonald

Like Lennie he kept mice
But he didn’t like the soft fur
They were for his snake

Fly safely lands near him
Gentle mind behind gentle eye; eats grass
I shoot damn thing dead


Untitled pieces

by Doug Jacquier

In senryuility,
I can hate baby meerkats
openly at last.

Spring brings things
incredibly edible to my mouth
like suckling duckling.

Bees sleep in honey
queening it over us all
and then sting in spring.



by H.R.R. Gorman

I lay down beneath
Falling Sakura blossoms.
I’m best samurai.


Animal Senryū

by Rob Stroud

Lacking lemming views.
One rodent eschewed the cliff.
Choosing life instead.

The sun warmed his skin.
Mom said to stay underground.
Robins welcomed him.

Praying mantis grooms,
Plus cannibalistic brides.
Make short marriages.


Untitled piece

by Deb Whittam

night turns midnight black
i am lulled into slumber
eyelids close, frog croaks


Animal Senryu

by Bryntin

tiny like a mouse
with intermittent squeaking
wife loudly ages

my dog has no nose
how does it smell then? you ask
it doesn’t really

madly itch and scratch
tiny passengers leap off
the fleabag miaows


Current Address

by Obbverse

Wee mouse, at home in our wall
Gnawed at our wiring
Such a shocking end.



by Ruth Scribbles

Grandmothers are old
Disguised mothers of youngsters
Not able to crawl


Thanks for poeming! Tune in tomorrow for next week’s prompt.


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