This and That and a Blogging Schedule

My thoughts have been all over the place. Efforts to unite them into a powerful subject that can conquer the evil antagonist prove fruitless. So, faithful readers, you’ve a mismatched mess of pottage from which to sup after your travels through the desert:

First, I’m inclined to mention the elephant in the world, Coronavirus. I’ve been home for about 2,365 days. People ask me how it’s going, by way of polite conversation. They don’t ask in person, of course, unless you count our shouts from porch to sidewalk or car window to front yard.

Many areas Out There are stranger. Yet, inside our house is just the same as usual for me. It’s one of the perks of being a stay-at-home mother with internet. I’m also realizing how a tailbone injury, surgery, impregnation, bedrest order, and C-Section delivery have all prepared me for The Long Dark of Coronia.

Hey; I’m looking on the bright side of things.


I’m exercising again, too. Yes, I count if I did so today and yesterday. Many stars need to align for exercise to happen, so I may not be consistent. I’d like to align my stars (aka children) to either go with me or stay asleep around 6:30 a.m. so that I might try this exercise thing outside our four walls.


The Kickstarter for our online dice store wrapped up nicely. If you contributed, thank you!! If you’d like gaming candles, dice, dice sets, figurines, or some of the music dice from the kickstarter; go to Game Master Dice or shoot me a message.

Speaking of, Coronaphant has been running amok of our supply chain. Downside? Shortages and closures. Upside? We’re still open and shipping while others are not. Washing your hands and working from home helps, people. -We just can’t get some of the regular products in at the moment.


I’d like to try gaming with friends. I understand that many games are available as apps. We have Ticket to Ride and know something like chess would be easy. Have any of you tried games online with friends? What works well? Are they freeeee?


Despite deciding I need a plan for this ol’ blog, such a plan is still not forthcoming. I’ve grabbed bits of idea-fluff here and there but not a substantial soup. Here’s a rough idea so far:

Monday – Quote. I have them scheduled till July, anyway.
Tuesday – Currently, it’s poor Ron the postman. Once he’s finished, I’ll do poetry.
Wednesday – My IRL observations with a weekly review.
Thursday – An Open Day for poems, shares, an interview, or book review. Ooh! Maybe I’ll have guest posts.
Friday – Terrible Poetry Winner.
Saturday – Announcement of the next prompt for terrible poetry. As fun as being terrible is, I anticipate this evolving into a different prompt soon.
Sunday – Carrot Ranch’s 99-word prompt answer.

I know we’re all busy holing up, but let me know if you’d like to contribute a story or interview. Let me know if you think my schedule’s potty as well; can’t no one ever say Chelsea’s not open to new ideas.


Look at that pottage. I’d rate it a birthright or two.


For slightly more organization, here’s last week’s stuff:
Wednesday, April 8: Instead of going political, I shared a photo of my fifth son.

And, shared Pam Webb’s virtual book launch ofย Someday We Will!

Thursday, April 9: An update on life at home.

Friday, April 10: Winner of the Weekly Terribly Poetry Contest. Congratulations to Joem18b and Bruce!

Saturday, April 11: Announced the Weekly Terrible Poetry Contest. The theme is a parody of a popular song, Coronavirus edition. PLEASE ENTER!

Sunday, April 12: Re-blogged Stuart’s post from Storyshucker, “Hand on the Plow.”

Anarchists and Aliens,” in response to Carrot Ranch’s prompt.

Monday, April 13: An inspirational quote by Anne Copeland.

Tuesday, April 14: An update on a day in the life of COVID-19 from the day before.

And, “Going Postal, V.” Poor Stan.

Thursday, April 16: Today.

I also posted on ye olde motherhood site. I wrote a limerick, “Mother of Three.”


Photo Credit: Pottage stolen from Brand New Vegan‘s recipe site.


ยฉ2020 Chelsea Owens

38 thoughts on “This and That and a Blogging Schedule

  1. So disappointing that you aren’t getting your act totally together like all the rest of us refugees in our own land. Make a note to self: Must try harder? ๐Ÿ˜‰ Seriously, how is it that I was better organised when I rarely wanted to go out than I am now when I can’t? Contrarian doesn’t even begin to cover it. PS – Put me down as someone who might be able to contribute some mess to your otherwise sumptuous looking pottage.

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  2. The scary part is that this is only the fourth week for us. I finally got some writing done today. Perhaps I’ve finally snapped out of it.

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  3. Ah, good reminder that I’m still supposed to send over a guest post, or my tears. Whoops. Anyways, I have my tears in a little fiction piece about disappearing dishes that may or may not actually be based on real events, if you’re interested. Or I discovered a long buried post about the rules I keep for maintaining sanity as mom.

    Your schedule sounds more like a schedule than mine right now. I’m barely keeping my head above water and have confused myself several times, mostly because I can’t figure out what day it is. When Monday bleeds into Thursday and you’re sure it’s Wednesday but it’s actually Sunday or you lost Tuesday somewhere along the way, “schedule” just feels like a funny word in a foreign language. I’m absolutely certain I’ll never remember your schedule or anyone else’s, or even mine, but good luck! Maybe your Monday quotes will remind me it’s Monday.

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      1. I only have 2 kids and I spend most of my days giving up on living and am certain I’m just a breathing zombie. Or maybe I just need sleep because I stay up to write comments.

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