6/16/2020 of COVID-19 Home Life


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As to Coronaignoreit, people ’round these parts have lost interest. Coincidentally, that was pretty much the title of the New York Times article I skimmed this morning: “America Is Done With COVID-19. COVID-19 Isn’t Done With America.”* People wear the masks where they need to, but I see a lot of pullings-down or restings-on-necks.

I get it. Masks are annoying and hot. My friend who works making food for a ritzy country club has to wear compression socks, a mask, and gloves all day at her job. …And their air conditioner hasn’t worked properly in years.


The oddest thing for me about Coronastillhere is how a person’s approach or even belief in the disease relates to politics. Utah’s state epidemiologist, Angela Dunn, agrees: “Opinions about what needs to happen now in the fight against COVID-19 appear… to be split along party lines among the legislative committee members.” She’s referencing our spike in cases (double the number per day compared to when we were in lockdown) and what various Democrat or Republican representatives propose as solutions for the future.

Our governor decided to remain at yellow level till June 20, last I heard. Rural communities want to be green. As Madame Dunn pointed out again, however, disease doesn’t stop at county boundaries.

*Sigh* I think I’ll have to contract the thing at some point, as will my children.

On a funny note, my grocery pickup order was a little off this morning. I didn’t know until I drove back home -and unloaded NINE POUNDS (4.1 kg) of fresh green beans. The computer order shows that I set the quantity to ‘9,’ but that means I would have had to click the little ‘+’ sign nine times when ordering.

I purchased the beans as part of my new diet. The diet involves a lot of vegetables per day; but, as I explained to the grocery store over the phone later, not that many.


If anyone needs a few pounds, let me know.

In reading over my past updates on Coronayesit’sstillaround, I see I conveyed my fears, panic, and sometimes sadness. The last post only showed the spray painted defacement of our state capitol building. My updates on Costco are about how everyone’s required to wear a mask. I wrote about food shortages and nervous dental visits.

In truth, there is good in the bad. In further truth, there is almost all good and a few bad.

Residents around the state of Utah offered to help clean the graffiti from the capitol building and the ensuing protests were peaceful.

Don Gamble cleans off graffiti at the Capitol in Salt Lake City on Sunday, May 31, 2020. Daylong protests moved across the city Saturday after a peaceful demonstration to decry the death of George Floyd in police custody in Minneapolis turned violent. Protesters vandalized buildings throughout the downtown area before a curfew was enforced in the evening.

That dude’s name is Don Gamble. Thanks, Deseret News.

Costco is the wonderful place I know and love, without food samples but with masks.

While stores encourage limits on meat and toilet paper, there is no shortage. I walk through a completely-full Costco and arrange pickups from a grocery store that receives new shipments every night.

The dentist is still an odd experience, but not as odd as entering the bank lobby wearing a face mask. Businesses used to post signs about removing sunglasses or hats or beards for their security systems; now, they have signs encouraging a face covering.

I’ve resisted the urge to give someone a finger-gun greeting so far.

In my world of blogging, I’m at least one segment away from finished with Going Postal. I intend to write a description of my process and design for it after that final installment, and then I’m OUT OF HERRRRREEEEEE!


©2020 Chelsea Owens


*1984-style, that article was named “The U.S. is Done With COVID-19…”

Photo Credit: Photo by Hans Reniers on Unsplash

36 thoughts on “6/16/2020 of COVID-19 Home Life

  1. After all of the massive protests, I’m resigned to getting this thing at some point, too. I just LOVE watching all the people walk by my windows without masks and clearly not social distancing, especially when we still have more than a thousand new cases every day. Maybe the nine pounds of green beans will magically ward it off. I can’t even visualize how many green beans that must be… Hope you enjoy your summer away from here!

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    1. *Sigh* That’s my thinking, too! …and the beans kept coming! I usually purchase half a pound at best, so I thought, “Maybe I just don’t know what a whole pound looks like!!”

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  2. Be careful with that finger gun. It may be loaded. I was wearing a bandanna as my face covering early in the pandemic. “Great time to become a bandit. The bank lobbies were closed and the stage coaches weren’t running.”

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  3. Have you heard of any bank hold ups since mandatory facemasks? We usually have a couple of robberies by now, but all seems to be quiet on the homefront. It will be great when they eventually show pics of the perpetrators from a bank robbery…or wait…maybe those were just customers…or tellers. So confusing! Mona

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  4. I am just back from a hospital procedure, it wasn’t quite the deserved break from isolation I envisioned. Since 14th March, I have had one socially distanced walk (opposite sides of the road) with my daughter and one-year, old Grandson, and a through the window storytelling hour with My Sons three daughters all under 5. The Husband has had a socially distanced Garden visit with his daughter. and an over-the-fence bloke chat with a good friend. Other than that The Husband has click and collected the shopping and prescriptions. We both have kept tight with the suggested rules to stay home. He ordered masks three weeks ago for today’s excursion; which did not arrive. He delivered me to the appropriate door and collected me four hours later. I was the only one to have a face covering, everyone else just did not bother so they were given medical ones from the hospital. How selfish to take their ppe? I tried to look friendly and smiley which did not work. My face-covering made me look like someone from a bad western film, my waves were met with shock. Patients dropped their masks to answer questions, then one-touched the upper arm of a nurse, like a little rub. shocked she yelped and jumped back, shook her head, and took herself behind her safe screened of desk. It was a very surreal experience, my first close encounter. I am home now, resting off the grog of sedation and pleased to be isolated once more. p.s. block editor stinks.

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  5. If you like spicy food, there’s an amazingly simple black bean sauce recipe that could help you and your family clear out those green beans.

    Looking forward to the last installment as well as the “behind the scenes” post for it!

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  6. Thanks for sharing news of how things are in Utah, Chelsea. It is a bit like that here too. People have stopped worrying about covid-19 and only wear masks when they have to i.e. when compelled to do so because they are going somewhere that forces you to wear them. I had swine flu two years ago and I was so sick. I have never felt so terrible. My mother and my son, Michael, both got ill as well and it was an awful three weeks. I do not want to repeat it.

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  7. I know an NC update isn’t welcome, but we’re just sitting here, watching the Confederate monument arguments all over again. Not that they aren’t relevant, just… repetitive and this time a little dangerous.

    (People – don’t pull down solid brass statues without official planning – STATUES HURT WHEN THEY FALL ON PEOPLE)

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