Tour of Utah: Evermore Park

If you have an inner medieval knight, just waiting for his chance at a noble quest; if you’re a damsel in a dress, seeking an archery lesson to deter beaux; if you are a DND nerd inside and out, and wish for the ultimate LARPing experience….

I give you: Evermore.


“Themed like a European village with its own buildings, citizens, and epic story. Guests interact with characters, go on quests, and become a part of the world of Evermore. The village of Evermore is a growing entity with changing themes, buildings, citizens, and quests.”

-From Evermore’s website

We heard about its opening a few years ago. The great Tracy Hickman told me he’d been hired to help create it*. Friends went. My former supervisor went and wrote about it. Yet, we’ve not tried it.

They have themes and special events. They also list:

  • Archery
  • Axe throwing
  • Bird & Reptile Show
  • Evermore Park-Themed Cuisine
  • Guild Memberships
  • Horse & Pony Interaction
  • Themed Train Experience
  • In-park Exclusive Merchandise
  • Mini Productions of Evermore’s History & Storyline
  • Musical Character Performances
  • Games & Quests
  • Storyline Discovery
  • Gothic Antiquities

(From their site)

© Kelsie Foreman and Utah Business

It’s located in Pleasant Grove, about 40 minutes south of Salt Lake City Airport. You’d better go quickly; I just read a followup article that says they’re facing lawsuits on unpaid construction projects….

Those cursèd knaves.

*Tracy Hickman gave me that information back when the park first opened. I haven’t spoken with him since.
©2020 Chelsea Owens

25 thoughts on “Tour of Utah: Evermore Park

  1. What a unique place. I have never heard of it before. Yipes! Lawsuits and unpaid construction projects. Hopefully, they can remain in business.

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  2. That was a roller coaster of a read! I was excited to go, remembered the pandemic, then figured I’d visit when it calms down, but then the lawsuit…

    Still neat to know it exists. Hopefully things get straightened out.

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      1. Phil’s grandmother lives in a retirement center, so giving it to her means pretty much giving it to hundreds of elderly… even if she is fine, it’ll be bad news for so many.

        But I do feel terrible that elderly people often feel imprisoned right now. It’s such a horrible thing for them, all around.

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