Another Update -Woohoo

Look at that: only two days in, and I’m already boring you. But, wait -it’s important.

  • I will be adding book reviews to the blog. I definitely want to read and review ones by people I know, so drop me a line if you’d like me to read, review, and interview.
  • I will be starting the new and improved terrible poetry contest tomorrow Saturday!!! Problem is, I can’t think of a catchy-enough name. “Funny Poetry” and “Humorous Poetry” strike me as too ho-hum for an event that will be anything but! Drop me another line with a name idea for our new contest.
  • I will be answering people’s prompts and doing a few of my own. I can’t participate every week/day/hour, but can pop in once a month or so. Drop me a third line with whatever prompt you do and when.
  • I will now be leaving to pick up children from school. Drop me a line about how your Coronalife is going.
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49 thoughts on “Another Update -Woohoo

  1. 1. I’d love you to read anything but they’re on Amazon and I’d prefer you to choose. Or you can wait on my attempts at a sort of magical realism/ scifi romance and or comic fantasy which will come out eventually
    3. I do Sue Vincent’s and Charli Mills and monthly blog battle and occasional flash! Friday though that has a short turn round. If you want the links let me know.

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    1. 1. After reading your other, I’m not sure I’m safe to pick my own ;). I’ll read what you want to promote.

      2. What’s the monthly blog battle? That sounds interesting.


  2. I’ve been a tad picky about which prompts I do. I’m trying to make time for other things in my life too.
    But you know how that works. And you’ve got more to do.
    Just more than less got back from being away and far from being caught up with blog visits.
    So… read of me what you will. And enjoy – I’ve no books of my own just in some charity books and in the Carrot Ranch anthology.

    Just stay sane. (Hugs!)

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  3. Hi Chelsea,

    I was looking for a way to send you an email to discuss this, but I don’t see any contact form on your blog. What’s the best way to contact you?

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      1. Pffft I don’t really care either way, if you’re trying to make me feel good. At this point the other two stories I’ve had are about half down, and I really don’t know what’ll happen to Chimera. Sometimes I get pretty depressed about writing, though.

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