Chuckie Bob & His Award

Chuckie Bob had one desire:
To see his name in print;
For tightrope walking on a wire,
A public office stint,
Pulling babies from a fire,
Or earning quite a mint.

Unfortunate for Chuckie Bob:
When made by Mom and Dad,
They weren’t too worried ’bout their job
And skimped on brains a tad
-Whilst also being somewhat slobs
And calling thinking, “Bad.”

Still, decided growing Chuck,
He’d up and show them all.
He’d prove he wasn’t just a schmuck;
He stood up straight and tall.
He’d show he wasn’t some lame duck;
“And I will win!” He called.

But, Chuckie Bob forgot one thing,
As he sought his reward:
That warning labels mean something
When they say, ‘Pull the cord
-But after you have cleared the wings,
Propellers, engines, board’

Now, Chuckie Bob’s been made the king
Of Darwin’s famed award.

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©2020 Chel Owens

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32 thoughts on “Chuckie Bob & His Award

  1. Bravo, they cried, applause aside They just watched as Chicken fell. Darwin, he had the proof at last that the Apple has never fallen far from its tree. … as his theory of relativity shows, stupid is as stupid goes.

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  2. Nicely done, Chel! (This is going to take some getting used to Chelsea.)😎 Chuckie Bob got his award one way or the other. His parents didn’t do him any favors with that name.😊

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