A Bad Luck Day (Poem)

I dropped my keys
When I just sneezed

Then tripped on Cat
And lost my hat

Which really sucked
‘Cause now I’m bald

I walked to work
Sweat in my shirt

I got there late
To a locked gate

And realized, quick
I was deep in trouble

Locked out here
And, also there
Without a spare

Without house keys
From when I sneezed

Without my cat
Without my hat

The day still sucked
I still was bald

I couldn’t work
Removed my shirt

I’d been too late
They’d closed the gate

I wasn’t quick
Was in deep trouble

Digging here
Searching there
I found the spare

And went inside to see it was a Sunday.

Photo by Amelie on Pexels.com

©2020 Chel Owens

You can enter a silly poem, too, for this week’s A Mused Poetry Contest. The theme is bad luck!

29 thoughts on “A Bad Luck Day (Poem)

  1. This is my flash-poem, Chel, I think it’s called,

    A Desperate Call To Gambler’s Anonymous

    “I’m having trouble with my luck,” I said,
(the call centre guy’s name it was Fred)
Fred said, “try switching it off, and on again.”
”I have,” I said, “I’m without Luck not a brain!”
”Let me have a go and see what I can do”
Said Fred, and he promptly drew a two
of Clubs. Not the suit we were after
(I silently accused Fred of laughter)
when the next one he flipped was a tail
not a head, and then seventeen-black
not seven-red; and then said Fred
    “I know what we’ll do” – then nothing:
    the phone had gone dead.
    I phoned back to be told of a queue
    And though my call was important
    to them, it was number forty-two.
    so I waited and heard my least favourite song
    stuck on this loop, with my Luck going wrong.

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              1. Definitely generous 😁 my only gripe is that they allow abortion protesters to park in our parking lot (there is a clinic a few doors down) on a Saturday when people are offered overtime and we don’t have a very big lot.

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