Give Thanks

I don’t participate in popular social media events -unless I do so my way. When others share 10 Things I Hate, I share 10 Things I Love; if they tag a friend for One Photo Each Day No Description, I tag myself and post the most humorous artistic-looking picture in my feed.

November is no different. Sure, I’m grateful for stuff. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, after all. The reason I love it, however, is because it’s untainted and wholesome. It’s mine and my family’s. If I start telling everybody what I’m #blessed with, that’s bringing the public to a very private thing.

But, since November 20th, my Twofacebook feed has been different. People I hadn’t seen in ages, people who were only sharing political agendas, and people who only brag have all been giving thanks. It’s fantastic.

I have, too. For, I’ve loved the very different feeling I’m experiencing. I love the new stories about relatives shared by a cousin, the baby and grandbaby pictures from my neighbors, and all the photographs of nature and sunshine and happiness…

So, give thanks. It’s beautiful. Happy Thanksgiving.

Photo by Magda Ehlers on

…and, yes, I still share things my way -but I am participating. 😉

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26 thoughts on “Give Thanks

  1. Good for you, Chel…I don’t do all these FB chain mail things I call them…Like you, I post what I want to like it or love it’s my FB…Have a beautiful Thanksgiving with your family…Enjoy! x

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  2. That turkey in the first photo is too scrawny, wouldn’t feed a family of one.

    Is it Thanksgiving? We have to be reminded here, it’s not a holiday in our diary. Happy Thanksgiving 😉

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