Oh. Christmas Tree?

One December, our family room looked barren. Where a glorious, fresh, decorated Christmas tree usually stood, we had but empty carpet. This was strange, since my mother loved fresh pine trees and had insisted on one for years. She loved the smell, you see. That year, however, she couldn’t bring herself to do Christmas. I’d say it was Winter Blues or a Nervous Breakdown or whatever euphemism people preferred for describing Depression, but it was also that my brother and I fought like angry dogs while complaining about our difficult lives in wealthy suburbia while demanding expensive presents.

Facing the reality of a tree-less Christmas, we children called a cease fire. Enlisting the help of the only other licensed driver in the house (our father), my brother and sister and I set off to see what was available on a literal Christmas Eve.

Fortunately, we didn’t need to go far. At the point of commerce touching neighborhood, we saw that one of the businesses had donated their holiday decorations to the large dumpster out back. We drew closer. In the light of minivan headlights and father-held flashlight we saw them: a few skinny, short, still-alive Christmas trees.

“Let’s take them!” my sister said.

“They’re too small,” I claimed -or my brother; we share a similar optimism.

But we all knew we were short on options. We also knew we needed time to decorate, open our traditional pajamas, read Luke 2, and set out milk and cookies for Santa. Therefore, we took them.

And that is how, for our most memorable Christmas tree experience, we had three (rather dwarfish) pines in the place of honor. We looped the lights and tree skirt around them all, roping them like contestants in a three-legged race. We hung the ornaments where they’d fit.

And they smelled lovely.

Photo by Kristina Paukshtite on Pexels.com

Β©2020 Chel Owens

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41 thoughts on “Oh. Christmas Tree?

  1. A delightful tale …I am sure your mum was relieved and a lovey memory ..kids really don’t know what angst they cause us, mums, at times with their “wants”…but why should/ would they? The Christmas spirit gets harder every year for me here.. it’s not celebrated here and when I put up my tree it is the only one for miles…if it wasn’t for the grandkids, I would just treat it as another day…so I go through the motions and fester up as much Christmas cheer as I can…The cakes, puds, decorations and music Oh yes the tunes keep me sane …Happy Christmas prep to your house, Chel xx

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  2. Yet, it’s years like that which stick with us. Great lineβ€””roping them like contestants in a three-legged race.”

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