The A Mused Poetry Contest 12/12/2020 – 1/8/2021

A new year’s creeping up on us, and I think it’s time for some limericks.

  1. This month’s Theme is Resolutions.
  2. The Length is however long you need for a standard limerick: five lines of AABBA, in anapestic meter.
  3. You’re going to have to Rhyme; that’s what AABBA means…
  4. The Rating’s PGish. Yes, I’m aware of how these poems usually go. Be creative.
  5. And, above all, make us laugh. I want your life coach to drop his Downward Dog in convulsions of hysteria on his organic bamboo exercise mat.

You have till 10:00 a.m. MST next MONTH (January 8) to submit a poem.

Use the form, below, to remain anonymous until results are posted.

Otherwise, include your poem or a link to it in the comments. Leave a comment if your link-back doesn’t show up by midnight of the day you create it.


Happy New Year!

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©2020/2021 Chel Owens

42 thoughts on “The A Mused Poetry Contest 12/12/2020 – 1/8/2021

  1. Or maybe something more politically topical …

    Here is this year’s resolution
    We’re dismantling the constitution
    You can’t run. You can’t hide
    We have reached the low tide
    Step aside. This is a revolution

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  2. At first glance I thought you wanted five lines of ABBA and thought ‘well, that’s not very creative, Chel’. Thankfully insanity has returned and I’ll turn in my homework as soon as the dog hasn’t eaten it.

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  3. Title: You say you want a resolution, we-e-ll

    There is an old man from Australia
    Whose wisdom will not falter or fail ya
    New years is his forte
    So list to his thought, ay?
    ‘Resolving is useless, inter alia’.

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  4. With a wee nod to the bawdy nature of the form:

    There once was a girl with a toothpick
    Who resolved to write nary a limerick
    She gave a small laugh
    And slipped into her bath
    A nude poet who’s anacoluthic

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  5. Re-resolved.

    It’s time to repeat the same damned vow I swore
    Like last year, and all too many years years before,
    It’s my traditional annual end-of-year vow-
    ‘Next year I’ll be a better man than I am now,’
    So many broken promises, still plenty more in store.

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