The A Mused Poetry Contest 12/12/2020 – 1/8/2021

A new year’s creeping up on us, and I think it’s time for some limericks.

  1. This month’s Theme is Resolutions.
  2. The Length is however long you need for a standard limerick: five lines of AABBA, in anapestic meter.
  3. You’re going to have to Rhyme; that’s what AABBA means…
  4. The Rating’s PGish. Yes, I’m aware of how these poems usually go. Be creative.
  5. And, above all, make us laugh. I want your life coach to drop his Downward Dog in convulsions of hysteria on his organic bamboo exercise mat.

You have till 10:00 a.m. MST next MONTH (January 8) to submit a poem.

Use the form, below, to remain anonymous until results are posted.

Otherwise, include your poem or a link to it in the comments. Leave a comment if your link-back doesn’t show up by midnight of the day you create it.


Happy New Year!

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©2020/2021 Chel Owens

42 thoughts on “The A Mused Poetry Contest 12/12/2020 – 1/8/2021

  1. With a wee nod to the bawdy nature of the form:

    There once was a girl with a toothpick
    Who resolved to write nary a limerick
    She gave a small laugh
    And slipped into her bath
    A nude poet who’s anacoluthic

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  2. Re-resolved.

    It’s time to repeat the same damned vow I swore
    Like last year, and all too many years years before,
    It’s my traditional annual end-of-year vow-
    ‘Next year I’ll be a better man than I am now,’
    So many broken promises, still plenty more in store.

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