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  1. Hmmm excellent quote. However, where normally I would say, I need nothing more. A pandemic changes the definition of. more. It doesn’t refer to monetary things. Today more refers to an emotional and physical more. Because of my age and health condition I must keep isolated. That means I haven’t received an actual hug since March of 2020. The only time I see a person in the flesh and not online, is when my son (who is normally a hugger), takes me to the doctors. And he is masked and wears gloves as do I. Air hugs don’t cut it.

    I have monthly zoom meetings with friends, with my condo board, with family etc. I FaceTime my grandchildren and children and when my son delivers my medication he brings the kids who stay downstairs and throw me kisses, give me air hugs, and tell me they love me from afar.

    So what do I need more of? More of the human touch. More hugs. More kindness and consideration from neighbors who refuse to wear a mask.

    By the way, Virtual hugs are awesome, don’t get me wrong. But we are social creatures and so many of my friends are widowed or divorced and live alone. For safety and because so many of the people in Florida are ridiculously ignorant and continue to spread corona (because they ignore cdc health regulations), my condo community has had multiple outbreaks of Corona. So on my daily outing to take out my garbage and get my mail, I have to avoid running into unmasked neighbors who still think covid is just a cold. Meanwhile, my doctors won’t even see people unless they get covid tests before coming in. And ALL hospitals in my area are filled to the max with covid patients. Yet, STILL many people had large unmasked gatherings for the holidays.

    So… while in the past, Mother Teresa was a hero of mine, in this case, I need more common sense in my community, and more care and consideration for others so we all can stay safe. I need more hugs. I need more money donated to hospitals so they can have enough supplies, and I need more vaccines so we can defeat this blight on our nation. That’s what I need more of.

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    1. True sentiments. We have attended unmasked family gatherings because we are all being careful and not around others who are rudely selfish about the masking and online shopping and such. A neighbor of mine said the same thing you did, about not hugging anyone since March.

      You’re a fighter, Lesley. And I pray for a day, very soon, that you may hug your sweet grandchildren for real.


      1. Are you familiar with ‘Candide’? In which Dr Pangloss contends that “all things are for the best, in this, the best of all possible worlds”.
        Or something like that.

        I don’t eat cake
        But yes, it’s true
        If I did
        I’d want to have it too.

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