“The new year is here,” said Jack Sprat,
“And, it’s time that I trimmed the fat back.”
To the lawyers’ he capered;
He signed up some papers.
He’ll start the year off as a bach’.

Photo by Megapixelstock on Pexels.com

©️ 2020 Chel Owens

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33 thoughts on “We-resolution

  1. And as a mark of respect, I add another utilising the unique rhyming power of the much under-used word ‘bach’ ….

    I look at the past and think “Wow!”
    So much changes from then until now
    When I was a bach
    She seemed such a catch
    Yet now she seems more like a cow

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    1. I’ll add one to the cow catcher if I may? Yours sparked up a whimsical notion. Blame too much time over Christmas.
      Down On The Farm.
      All is not the lush lazy grazey paradise it seems,
      All is not peachy, sweet as strawberry cremes,
      Daisy’s high life of clover has its lows,
      Ferdinand sniffs at the ring up his nose,
      It’s a sh*t in what was once our field of dreams.


      1. Yes! Very good!

        Not Christmas, for me. ‘Twas the wine
        Glass after glass. Quite divine
        Having finished the rest
        Put my head on her chest
        Then I suddenly thought her bovine.

        Oh God. That is terrible. I apologise to all women. My attempts to rhyme sometimes lead me into dangerous territory. But, hey. You know. I do like breasts


                1. Most of what I write should be deleted, Chel, as an insult to art. But I don’t mind insulting art … art normally insults me right back, but a lot harder.
                  But I don’t feel comfortable insulting women, even in jest. Anyone who really knows me understands that I have always both adored women and been terrified by them.
                  But no need to delete it. I don’t think anyone even noticed.


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