“Death terrifies us. Not as much as public speaking but that is understandable: We aren’t sure what will happen to us after death; but, after public speaking, the humiliation we will receive is INEVITABLE.”

-Masercot, “Excerpt from book I’m working on

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  1. Funny. And true, until most people stand at the brink of the actual ends of their lives.

    The degree of actual pain or physical and family suffering complicates the matter… but people of faith often face death peacefully, or even with joyous anticipation.

    From my observation over the decades, the reverse is true (as an admitted generalization) for those who chose to lives based on their own desires. Their uncertainty usually logically turns into anxiety, even fear. This is often true for those who “believed” in God’s existence, but ignored it.

    Still, public speaking can be a pretty terrifying experience too.

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  2. I once spoke in front of my church and tripped on the stairs on the way off stage. There was a collective gasp and then a chuckle when everyone saw I was ok. Except that I wasn’t. My pride will remember that moment forever!

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  3. I used to be in the afraid camp when it came to public speaking, but that was back a few decades ago. My high school speech teacher said that it was Americans’ greatest fear. I often think to myself, “Look at me. I’m up here. I wonder how many others in the audience would be afraid to take my place.”

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  4. One of my first memories as a very young child was singing; ‘I’m a Little Teapot’ – I felt like the whole world was staring me down. Still not one of my favorite things to do… but certainly a better alternative… perhaps. There is so much we don’t know while we are living.

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