34 thoughts on “Oops

  1. Prang! You now have more time this week!

    What? No? NO?

    (beats stupid magic wand against hand) I knew I shouldn’t have bought this thing at the thrift store…

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      1. You may actually end up with LESS time this week – DST starts. But, wait, technically that is at 2 am Sunday. Do they consider that next week or this week? Either way, we lose an hour of sleep!


  2. I would write you something special
    If I only had the time
    Full of insight, full of wisdom
    Full of rhythm, full of rhyme
    Don’t think me creepy. I was sleepy
    I was tired. Very calm
    I got cosy. I got dozy
    And I slept through the alarm
    I’m forgetful. And regretful
    I had so much more to say
    I’m sorry I was late. But can it wait
    Another day?

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      1. Yes, yes, I suggest you suspend the contests and write cheesy love poems or really depressing, cryptic, self-indulgent odes about agony and anguish. Then once you reach 10,000 followers in two or three months, institute a board and restart the contests. This blog business is all strategy, planning and deception in the end πŸ˜‹

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