Grampy’s Burlap Underwear

♫ When your life is without care
And when your nether’s without hair;
To follow laws, you can’t be bare,
So try our burlap underwear.

Grampy’s Burlap Underwear!
Grampy’s Burlap Underwear!
You’ll want to swear
If you’ll but dare
To wear
Ol’ Grampy’s Underwear! ♫

Photo by Skylar Kang on

©2021 Chel Owens

I’m sure to get hired by a PR group soon… Try your own hand at a humorous jingle for a product that shouldn’t be sold for this month’s A Mused Poetry Contest.

51 thoughts on “Grampy’s Burlap Underwear

  1. They have an Indian version. I believe it’s a saffron loincloth. But I found the colour more restrictive than the freedom of having air breathe on my nether with a lot of hair and so, I went bare.

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      1. Lol loincloths are worn in India all the time. In the South, you’ll find men of the older generation wearing just that without a shirt. Saffron is the colour of the Hindutva extremists and the fascists. I could settle for a white loincloth, but what the hell, let’s go bare!

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