Midnight Reflections on Motherhood

Back in my college days, I watched a documentary on the animals of the Galápagos Islands. Zoologists observed strange, heartless behavior in a bird there:

The Nazca booby, a Galápagos Island seabird, emerges from its shell ready to kill its brother or sister (Science Daily).

In the video, I saw the evidence. If a mother had more than one offspring, the larger one shoved the smaller out. Where it died.

Biologists have linked the murderous behavior to high levels of testosterone and other male hormones found in the hatchlings (Science Daily).

Sometimes, when I watch my children (all boys) interact, this clip comes to mind. Especially the last bit. See, the shocked zoologists tried stepping in; stopping Little Billy Booby from ousting Little-er Harry.

What happened? The mother died. She just couldn’t keep up with feeding that extra mouth.


Well, I’d best go tuck all my boobies into bed…

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48 thoughts on “Midnight Reflections on Motherhood

  1. Owls are a bit more practical. The parents eat first and then feed the strongest. The strongest will often torment it’s siblings to death. Survival of the fittest I guess

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    1. 😀 Mostly. My youngest booby still wants a bottle halfway through the night. At least I don’t have to regurgitate his food like a *real* booby mommy.


  2. Gosh nature is harsh…why have two eggs when you can only mange one? Okay I assume it’s so there’s no chance of an infertile egg.
    I had three boys too, not sure I survived 🦋💜

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