The A Mused Poetry Contest 4/17/2021 – 5/14/2021

It’s past time for another A Mused Poetry Contest. I blame the management. And aliens.

  1. This month’s Theme is a political campaign slogan and/or speech. You’ve heard the usual promises, mud-slinging, and appeals to special interest groups -now, USE THEM.
  2. Gone are the days of the Lincoln/Douglas debates; keep your poem’s Length brief and snappy enough to… oh, man; you’ve already lost the audience.
  3. Rhyming is up to your campaign manager.
  4. This will be broadcast to general audiences, so keep the Rating clean -or, at least realize that some ****ing ****s will be censored.
  5. What’s most important? HUMOR! When do we want it? By next month!

You have till 10:00 a.m. MST next MONTH (May 14) to submit a poem.

Use the form, below, to keep your record clean until results are posted.

Otherwise, include your poem in the comments, link to it in the comments, or leave a note that you’ve written one and stuck it on your own site in the comments. You cannot just link back to my post because WordPress is stupid and I will not receive it.


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©2021 Chel Owens

17 thoughts on “The A Mused Poetry Contest 4/17/2021 – 5/14/2021

  1. johnlmalone April 20, 2021 / 11:10 pm

    thanks Chel; once again, I will give this some thought 🙂 ambulance ramping in this state would have to feature 🙂

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  2. Bruce Goodman April 21, 2021 / 10:58 am

    A sitting member

    A vote for me is a vote for wit
    The other candidates are a pile of nonsense.

    I promise I will never quit
    The other candidates are a pile of rubbish.

    My policies will be a hit
    The other candidates are a pile of drivel.

    I will lower your taxes a bit
    The other candidates are a pile of gobbledygook.

    You might think I’m a git
    The other candidates are a pile of malarkey.

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  3. Frank Hubeny April 21, 2021 / 1:14 pm

    Brief Campaign Announcement

    It doesn’t matter, blue or red.
    Vote as you will, alive or dead.
    We own what counts, both big and small.
    We’ve voted for you after all.

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  4. dumbestblogger April 21, 2021 / 6:56 pm

    Truth Over Facts

    No one pays a dime
    Peace will reign sublime
    Children will be fine
    We will fix the clime
    And you’ll be happy

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    • Chel Owens May 17, 2021 / 11:19 pm

      Ha! You went a similar direction as me. *sigh* People just don’t vote on what really makes them happy.

      Liked by 1 person

      • dumbestblogger May 18, 2021 / 4:51 am

        It’s true, or is it a fact? By the way, that’s an actual quote from our beloved Mr. President.

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