Early Morning Poetry

I woke, at three, as baby stirred;
The birds were no help, either.
My brain, a-swirl, my hunger roused,
I grabbed a jacket, cer’al doused

And here, I sit –
Or, rather, lay
And contemplate if that’s the way
To say that here I am, reclined,
When, still, my brain’s a racing mind.

For now, at five, as baby wakes,
And time’s flown by
While here, I lie,
I realize I’ll need to rise
Before the garbage truck arrives.

After all,
it’s near sunrise. 🌞

Β© Chel Owens

28 thoughts on “Early Morning Poetry

  1. There ain’t enough hours in the day, least as I remember. A few words of sympathy?
    Roused from a deep
    Well deserved too-short sleep,
    Hear them birdies chirpily cheep;
    It’s enough to make you softly weep.

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  2. Some neighborhoods let you put out the trash the night before… that is if you remember to do it. Ours used to come later in the day, but they switch up the pick up time so now we have to get it to the curb at night or we’ll miss the pick up!

    I’m not sure if I ever got back to sleeping through the night – and I only had two!

    (I keep checking my box… nothing yet… did you get my follow up email? I’ve got something picked out for you!)

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    1. Yes, I can put the trash out early. It was one of those “I’ll do it in the morning” garbage days you regret. πŸ™‚

      I received your email but am forcing myself to send yours first!

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      1. I know about those… garbage days. Delegate! Maybe to one of your older children! πŸ˜‰

        No worries. I’ll keep checking – though maybe not today.

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