Blogging Break. Oh, Baby.

This is it: my official post marking my break from blogging for a while. I couldn’t even officially officialize the break back when I said I would, which might clue my loyal readers in to the extent of my attention, energy, and current workload.

Speaking of:

•#6 Pregnancy is going well. We’ve double-checked, and this one is most definitely a boy. Again.

It’s aliiiiiive.

•The house move is progressing slooooowwwlllly. It’s like I have no energy and feel sick all the time or something. I keep -optimistically- telling people we’ll be out of this house and into the next within a month or two. Problem is, the house we’re aiming for is a fixer-upper. We’d be more motivated if, say, the swamp cooler were working.
…Yes, I said “swamp cooler.” Yes, I said it’s not working. Don’t even get me started on the pages and pages the house inspector gave us when we were in the purchasing process…

My poetry post is going wonderfully over at Carrot Ranch. It’s a monthly installment, titled Anyone Can Poem. No matter your perceived skill level, I encourage everyone to try any of the challenges. Thank you to everyone who has visited already.

•I tried my hand at the new-fangled audio-posting option with “I Cannot See My Feet No More.” Check it out if you’re curious how I sound.

•I will visit all the blogs I can over the next few days.

•Finally, as is my tradition, here are some of my friends you ought to visit (and follow):

  1. Hobbo of Hobbo’s Poems. A very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very (etc.) good poet of silly, whimsical types. He really, really, really, really, really, really needs to publish because his work is better than what makes it to print. I’m serious, Hobbo.
  2. My new friend, Bossybabe. She’s hilarious to read and I love her comments on my (few and far-between) posts.
  3. Willow, another very nice friend, who writes a variety of stories and prompts and poems.
  4. The excellent proprietor of Opal’s Farm, Gregory Joel. Besides details about that community garden, Gregory slips in the occasional post about life.
  5. Denny the caffeinated athlete. Someday, I’ll be back to running as well.
  6. Rethinking Scripture -who is really a dude dealing with life and advancing the cause for mental illness awareness.
  7. Frank Hubeny, another excellent poet who likes mixing religious themes in his work.
  8. The ever clever Obbverse, who mostly bends his wit to poetry.
  9. Pete Springer, whose book I discussed a bit ago. He’s the nicest guy you’ll ever meet.
  10. Herb, another great, down-to-earth guy.

And, actually, many more! Visit my Awards posts for more, or stalk my comments sections. I couldn’t ask for a better group than the friends I’ve made through blogging.

©2021 Chel Owens

89 thoughts on “Blogging Break. Oh, Baby.

      1. Certainly nowhere as busy as yours, but, with our pandemic numbers going in the wrong direction, we’re reverting back to our last March lives and cabin fever has definitely set in.

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  1. What a nice thing to say! Now, how am I supposed to tease you about your so-called “blogging break” that never quite seemed to happen? I’m glad you referenced Bossy Babe because I think I may have gotten you two together. I don’t do matchmaking in real life, but I knew you two would hit it off in the blogging world. She is hilarious and honest—two irresistible qualities.

    I’m glad that the baby is healthy. Look at all the possibilities of your fixer-upper. There may be a novel or memoir there, kid. Enjoy your break—if you can call navigating the world of all of your boys a break.

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    1. Oh, don’t worry. I’m extending my “break” past the end of summer in order to compensate.

      Yes, you introduced me to Bossy Babe. 🙂 It’s a match made in blogging heaven.

      So far, the new place is all about “potential.” It’s a Blandings’ Dream House Money Pit, with a little Egg and I for kicks.

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  2. You are officially hopekess at breaks, aren’t you. I’ll believe it when my feed is unchelsed. Glad your noble determination to deliver a full basketball team is going well. Long may that continue. And also the doey-uppey will act as a distraction, filling all those spares hours you’ll have with no blogging. Take good care and see you when you pop out of your burrow. PS what is a swamp Cooler? I’ll have to Google it

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    1. I’ll admit I’m as hopeless at breaks as you are at keeping a garden design…
      Oh, good; I needed something to fill my long, vacant hours with. 😀
      Thanks, Geoff. ❤


  3. Wow! I am honored to make your list. I still find it difficult to put much time into writing. We, too, are in the middle of a long transition to a different house. Best to you on the move. And with your growing family. Enjoy your days!

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  4. Take it easy Chel, remember we will still be here waiting for you on your return.
    I hope the move is less stressful than it seems….. And that you feel better soon feeling sick sucks!!. Thank you for the mention I am grateful. Be big , be brave and never give up looking for those feet.💜💜💜

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      1. People think the Australian and New Zealand accents are much the same. New Zealanders can tell an Aussie from 6 miles away, and visa versa! E.g. They say Feesh and cheeps, we say Fush and Chups!

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  5. To have a break or not to have a break…we shall see…lol..hope the sickness passes soon….Letter J today but I will exempt you… it’s hard… the ultrasound image is lovely and another towards your footie team…and talking of feet I hope you see yours soon…Take care 🙂 xx

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  6. Thanks for the kind shout-out. I really appreciate that. We will miss you while you are gone, of course, but you will be a pleasant surprise in my feed when you return.

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    1. The house is only slightly better than my description. I need to use the pictures of its unfinished parts for story prompts… 👻

      Thank you for listening, Norah! Your froggie reading was my inspiration to try it. 🐸

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  7. ❤️😊🤭 Thanks for the shout out, friend! 🙂 You’re still my hero for wrangling all those kids! Wishing you a lovely, quiet and much-needed break (or as much of a break as you can steal for yourself)! We’ll be here 😘

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        1. At the moment, likely Couch Whale… 🐋 I can sleep upon a sofa within a moment’s notice! Yell threats to brawling boys anywhere in the house without even leaving my cushions!

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  8. Aww. Baby is coming along 🙂 Sorry you feel so terrible. I can’t believe you’re moving into a fixer-upper on top of everything else! Yikes. Well, try to take it easy during your baby-break, Chelsea. Sending you hugs!

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    1. I will take all the hugs!

      Yeah -I guess life was just too easy with five kids and a sense of repressed creativity. Had to make things a little more challenging…

      I’m aiming to build my writing room like yours at this place! 🥰

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