Hey! Wilhelmina’s Back, and Matt’s Reading Her Aloud!

I’m still on break, so don’t tell anyone, BUT my good friend, Matt Snyder of Prolific Potpourri, has started reading my Wilhelmina Winters series for his Short Story Saturdays.

Wil was the first series I wrote; I even started her on Twofacebook before I found the better world of blogging. She’s what I always wanted my imagination to be like, what I experienced in middle school, and an attempt at my understanding one of my sons.


I’m so excited for Matt to read these! Enjoy!

25 thoughts on “Hey! Wilhelmina’s Back, and Matt’s Reading Her Aloud!

  1. Congratulations, Chel. It must feel great to hear Matt reading your words. I hope your break and pregnancy are going well.

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