Oh, the Blog.

Y’know, I never thought I’d feel this way. I read others who wrote about leaving blogdom for one reason or another and thought, “Why?” Why leave when you have followers, a creative outlet, and interesting posts from all your friends?

Now I know: life.

Granted, my life has not been interesting before this point. I haven’t had much to do. Further, I had no one to talk to about it. I can’t say the same is true anymore -which is, actually, a very healthy thing. No longer alone in a large house with only my dishes and children; I now have a smaller house, a job, at least one friend to whom I can say anything, a good marriage, and waaaaay too many things to do all day. Oh, and I still have the children.

…In terms of organization, this post is getting ahead of itself. Let’s start with an updated list:

  1. I’m still pregnant. As far as I know, the baby is doing swimmingly. Perhaps he’s doing kickingly.
    Thanks to my delivery history, I will schedule a C-Section. We’re looking at November 2. This date draws ever nearer each day.
  2. We’ve moved house and sold our other. I don’t talk about where I live, specifically, much. I’d like for angry mobs to not be able to find us. It is very important to tell you all that our new digs are much less finished or updated than our last, however. In fact, our last house was BRAND NEW and this one is more along the lines of Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House, pre-remodel.
  3. I still work as a lunchlady assistant but will be retiring soon due to being due.
  4. I have even less time for blogging than I’ve ever had before.

In light of these facts but despite what I said at the beginning of this post, I will not be running away.

Repeat: I’m staying.

Out of necessity, I will be changing my writing schedule. This, sadly, includes not running a poetry contest. I feel the greatest loss at this conclusion, since I love encouraging poetry and love all the excellent writings you have shared.

And for you, Carol: fajita, frijole; hickory (in my defense, you and your followers named every food that has ‘k’ in it); galia (melon), scallion; edamame, jambu, mamey; tinda, ortanique, pignoli, uni; (and for this week) mahonia (berries), roe, and acorn….

©1948 RKO Radio Pictures

©2021 Chel Owens

47 thoughts on “Oh, the Blog.

  1. Life circumstances often changes our goals. That’s how it works. You can’t second guess your decisions. You just do your best.
    By the way, Congratulations on all your new changes.

    My cancer is back and so I’ve been too sick to start back blogging regularly. But, I’ve learned that you just keep on going and do the best you can. This time around my new chemo treatment is very intense and I can’t beat myself up about not writing. When I’m done with these next few months of treatment I am hopeful I’ll get another reprieve. But for now I am grateful that I’m still around. I’m back to FaceTiming with my grandchildren rather than in person visits,I miss the hugs, but virtual ones are a blessing too. We all just do what we can.

    So do your your best, cherish everything and congratulations on your new home and new baby. Xo

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  2. If your blog’s
    become a slog,
    and you don’t wish to partake.
    Have a baby,
    have two maybe,
    You deserve a little break!

    😂 Only kidding Chel. You are such a busy lady, I am surprised you find time for any of this. You and all the other working mums who squeeze in running a blog deserve a medal!🙂

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  3. Over time it’s hard to recapture the wonder and excitement a blog has when it’s begun. It can indeed become just another chore. I’m delighted you are finding new life in life and the blog! My blogging and life needs a similar kick in the pants.

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  4. Glad to have you still around, Chel, if only on a slightly less basis. You’ve got your priorities in order, and blogging should be farther down the list compared to the other necessities of life. “Ah, fix your own dinner. Don’t you know I’m in the middle of an important blog post here?” 🤣 I wasn’t blogging in my working days, but I’ll bet you rarely would have heard from me in those days. (Thank goodness😊)

    You take care of those male critters of yours. We, boys, need a lot of guidance. Oh, and I always try and throw in a few vocabulary words in Carol’s game, so I’ll be glad to pinch-hit when necessary.

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      1. Absolutely. I haven’t done anything with it because I wanted to make sure you were still interested. A couple of weeks ago, Bossy Babe (I think you follow each other’s blogs now) and I wrote a post about what we want for our children. That was fun, although I’ve never done a timed post before. Of course, it didn’t work—my error, I’m sure, although the WordPress folks said I had done it correctly.

        No pressure from me—whenever you want to do it will be fine. I’m heading out of town for a few days starting tomorrow. Glad your pregnancy is going well thus far.

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  5. As I have said more than once to my wife, “Be thankful for all that you have to do — it keeps you out of trouble!” Unfortunately, giving her such positive advice doesn’t keep ME out of trouble….and I can’t for the life of me figure out why. 😉

    Anyway, I wish you all the best.

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  6. Haha…thank you for the job lot of contributions, Chel… of course we will miss you but look forward to when time allows you to blog…Family comes first and all the joys (and) chores that result…Take care enjoy and be kind to yourself…Love and hugs xx

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  7. Writing has definitely taken a back seat while I grip the wheel and try to hang on to this thing called life. So glad to hear you’ll be showing up occassionally to share your talent and perspective. Best to you as you excel at the greatest position ever…motherhood.

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  8. Completely tangent, but I have to say it.

    That movie (Mr. Blandings) is great, but I remember most that it was the first movie where I directly recognized the mistreatment of black people. After “If it ain’t WHAM, it ain’t Ham!” came from the stereotyped mammy character, my little brain wheels clacked and churned. I was like, “Something ain’t right here.” The movie is pretty funny, though.

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