Me in a Minute?

We’ve moved. Hear that, Pete? We’ve moved!

The ‘new’ place is fantastic …and a lot of work. Every room is a project waiting to top the list. Every corner of the yard needs pruning or trimming or weeding or…

Part of the backyard, as explored by my toddler.

Still, we’re settling in. We’re meeting the neighbors. As part of this, I’ve tried to listen when our local LDS ward’s* Relief Society hosts Me in a Minute. The idea is that a woman has one minute to describe herself.

One minute. πŸ•’

Naturally, I’ve thought how I would fill my minute if I had a turn. I wouldn’t do that, I’ve thought. Or, I wouldn’t say that. Welllll, Karma has come around; I’ve been asked to try my hand during the meeting tomorrow.

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

Problem is, I’m over-thinking -for good reason. Most people introduce themselves by profession. Then, they elaborate. Then, they name a few interests or achievements. If I were to follow this format, however, my introduction would be:

Hello. I’m a mother. I have five and 8/9 boys. In my spare time, I sleep. Today, I got dressed.

I’d love to be more clever than that, but there’s the problem of the 8/9 boy draining my mental capacity. And ability to stand for a full minute without needing to visit the ladies’ room… Maybe I ought to give myself a script.

So, really, what would you say in a minute’s time? Would you write it all out or just wing it?

Β©2021 Chel Owens

*The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is unique in that one attends a ward or branch in the area one moves to; and that this ward or branch follows exactly the same schedule, format, doctrine, etc. as any other.

84 thoughts on “Me in a Minute?

  1. I have to agree, your intro is perfect and you should be proud of who you are … but if you want to mess with them I’d say something like … in my spare time I like to give Donald Trump haircuts to llamas. 😊

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  2. I love your introduction. Laughter (in acknowledgement) will take up the rest of the time.
    However you could go on to describe what you do in your ‘spare’ time🀣 and what you dream of doing when you have time for yourself.

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  3. When my daughter took a seminar in how to interview, they were asked to do something like this. It’s supposed to have a memorable open that makes you unique. I know my daughters starts out hi. I’m gfry. I’m from New York City which means I can’t drive a car and don’t have a license, but I can get you anywhere by bus or subway because I’m a natural at reading and memorizing mass transit routes. Hers is more eloquent, but I know people remember her and she’s gotten jobs and other things, so there you go

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  4. You did a beautiful job describing yourself. First of all you have to understand that I t’s an impossible task for any woman to describe herself in only one minute. Mainly because we females are a plethora of parts. We are mother’s, daughters, sisters, aunts, nurses, teachers,maids, cooks, hair dressers, designers, problem solvers, lovers, writers, health care workers, the list goes on. AND our description often grows with each decade. Moms become grandmothers, and our care giver skills heighten as our talents abound. I have found that during my early mom stages I saw myself as a mom and teacher first and that role consumes me for quite a while. But then one day you will find your definition of yourself is so vast that you marvel at how diverse you have become and how you see yourself. So take your minute, embrace it, and pat yourself on the back . Oh and relish a whole minute focused on just you! And congrats on your move. May you have many blessings in your new home! β€οΈπŸ’•

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    1. ❀ Beautiful, Lesley. Thank you.

      … now I feel I must describe myself as a mythical hydra, sprouting heads as time goes on. … perhaps a tree would some more artistic. 🌳


  5. Being a house wife and taking care of kids is the most challenging job than sitting inside an office or working on a site, You are a LOT more than you think, take sometime and you can elaborate it in 1 minute at ease πŸ˜„πŸ‘

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  6. Okay, I hear you loud and clear. 🀣 My wife and I have a daily competition to see who can say “What?” more times than the other. I usually win, but she’s a close second. 🀣 As to your question, I like to think about what I might say, but I think winging it comes across as more genuine.

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  7. Nothing to add, your opening sounds nicely light and informative. If the laughter does die down before the minute is up, make sure to have written a list of your interests on your arm, in descending order of importance; Or say ‘the boys kicking in, I have to sit down.’
    Looks like busy times ahead on the Ponderosa.

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    1. Busy indeed.

      πŸ˜€ I really want to write my entire Me in a Minute on my arm now. Can you imagine watching someone deciphering that, and stumbling on the words even though it’s her own introduction?

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    1. The second meeting splits into a men’s group, a women’s group, youth classes (teenagers), and children.
      I LOVE our yard!
      … I’m not sure about admitting to blogging. Honestly, as proven by my 40-second intro today, I’m having trouble connecting with anyone. Maybe we’re all just busy.


  8. I know I’d have to write my “Me in a Minute” first. I like what you’ve written so far because it shows your humor and wit in a humble yet obvious way.

    I saw above that you’d like to be known in a different way. Perhaps you’re a foreman at the Owens Factory, overseeing 8 (soon to be nine) employees in all shifts? I think you’ll come up with something hilarious and great, no matter what.

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    1. ❀ Thanks, H. I basically ended up playing it short and simple and fairly straight. My audience was a small, somber group that didn’t seem receptive at all. Oh well.


  9. I love your backyard. I’m a backyard project sort of gal, Chelsea, and would glory in place like that. What a beautiful photo of your toddler. And your One-Minute-Me is perfect. It’s you – honest, funny, and so true. Have a few topics written on your hand and wing the rest. πŸ™‚

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  10. Oh I love introductions. Mine’s almost as interesting as yours!

    β€œHi I’m a mother of five. And a part time mother of a sixth. Today I ate cookies for breakfast and washed it down with cold coffee. Instead of homeschooling my boys this morning, I put on adventures in odyssey and wrote a blog post, because I like writing better than teaching.” 😜

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  11. Oh gosh, great question.. I find I’m better when I wing things bc when I try to prepare in the few moments before (this is usually when there’s a circle introduction) I tend to overthink. But if I have quite a bit of time to prep then I try to be as relatable as possible, while keeping an eye for humour. That always makes me feel less nervous if people seem to be laughing 😎 good luck!

    Also, having a brood as big as yours and you’re still able to get dressed? If that ain’t magical, I dunno what is!

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