The Running Shoes That Could

I’ve often wanted to capture what running means to me; how it can parallel to life and goals. Lisa does just that, perfectly, in her post:

Lisa's Place

I found my New Balance shoes at a used clothing giveaway at church. In all my favorite colors, they caught my eye. They were nearly new – only a few pebbles in the treads, and a little tear in the mesh of the toe. On the inner soles they read, “Running”. An ambitious claim, I thought, if I were to be the one to take them. I had gotten into a routine of walking regularly, but the pain in my knees had prevented me from running very much, if at all. I used to jog in my teens and early twenties. But there had been two babies, about 25 pounds of weight gain, and over a decade of aging since then. Not to mention, arthritis runs in my family. Three out of four of my immediate family members have had joint replacements.

As I examined the shoes, however, I noticed…

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  1. Great story! That held my attention the whole way through. I was disgusted by the man making fun of her. Some people stay bullies their entire lives.

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