My Top Six Blogging Pet Peeves

  1. WordPress.
    In fact, IF I could get stupid WordPress to make lists easier to manipulate, this would be numbers 1-3! Unfortunately, even attempts at “<ol>” and “<li>” in the actual code do nothing -but lists are the least of WordPress‘ failings…
  2. Blogging thieves.
    Sites with no original content that re-post my work make me feel like locking up or even leaving.
  3. Monetary writers.
    Some are better than others, but most eventually need the door closed on their salesmanship.
  4. “Thank you for visiting.”
    Wellll, I’ve been following and commenting on your site off and on for three years, but, “You’re welcome.”
  5. Comment etiquette.
    It’s vital to respond to people who’ve taken time to log into WordPress fifteen times in order to leave you a smiley face; but, some days I just don’t know whether a thumbs-up (👍🏻) or a smiley return (🙂) is appropriate…
  6. Overall feelings of repression of opinion on the internet as a whole.

Did I miss anything? Let’s go light a simulacrum of WP on fire and pass the day with one fewer care in the world.

Photo thanks to Christopher Burns (no joke) on Unsplash. I may have added the letters.

©2021 Chel Owens

58 thoughts on “My Top Six Blogging Pet Peeves

  1. I get frustrated with lists on wp, too. I’m totally okay with low-effort or emoji comments, though. I just figure they are really busy/distracted, but at least they stopped by. I have had my content posted on repost-only sites that have NOTHING to do with my writing blog, which is weird. I mean, why?

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    1. I don’t mind emoji comments. 🙂 I feel I’m often repeating the same responses to responses every time, though.

      Sites steal the content because it’s faster than creating their own. Then they follow a buttload of bloggers who will simply reciprocate their following without being picky.

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  2. See, this is why I restarted my blog, I’m too insignificant for anyone to steal my stuff and I use a lot of screenshots to work around the ineptitude of WP, type in word, snip and paste and your done 😁

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  3. I hate bloggers who write the post I should have written; top peeves, fr’instance, now that is so me. And using the word peeves, when I should have cornered the peevish vocabulary market. If I come across someone doing that I’ll… I’ll…

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  4. I don’t think I’ve ever been pinched on my blog. It just goes to show how pathetic my blog is regarded. It’s the story of my life, e.g. I went to a Catholic School and not once got abused. Clearly I’m ugly.

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  5. Are the blogging thieves people you follow as well and discover they’ve used your material that way? That would be pretty darn brazen on their part. To my knowledge, I’ve never had anyone use my posts. Maybe I should be offended that they don’t think it’s worthy enough to steal.🤣


    1. Nah. Usually, they’re a notification of a re-blog; I follow it to a site rife with re-blogs of others. I think my site gets tagged (2-3 in total now, so not a lot) because of links to others from the poetry contest, Carrot Ranch entries, and (#1 cause) blogging ‘awards.’


        1. I agree. The problem is that we’ve seen people lose jobs over this. It’s easier for me, who is not trying to stay employed, to say we oughtn’t to worry; that we ought to prove our ideals by our actions.

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  6. I don’t think I have ever had anything stolen but my son had a post stolen and the whole thing was very weird. He got them to take it down, though. Just because they give you credit doesn’t make it right and they didn’t even do that.
    One thing good I have to say about WP is that I would never have met many of the people who follow my blog. Perhaps because we as a community all dislike the same things about it, lol.

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    1. I’m glad they took it down. WP simply said mine wasn’t a case of infringement because it linked to my original and credited me. I’ve simply turned the ‘Share/Re-blog’ button off and that’s stopped the lazy stealer.

      I love the community on WP! I’m with you there.

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  7. I remembered now, when I ventured back to my blog here after a gap of two years, I was searching around and found a post berating WP, which they referred to as “Worstpress”. Oops, I should’ve taken my leave then but, having tried in vain to find it over the years, there isn’t any reasonable low-cost alternative.

    It’s become the bloggers version of Amazon Market Place. I’m taking another two year break, hopefully things may change again for the better.

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  8. I often use a thumbs-up response to others’ comments, but usually only if it was a simple comment, or a reply to a reply sort of situation…

    but yes, WP and being a blogger, certainly can cause frustration…

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  9. Yupper on the problems. Especially the give/take with comments. Comments often when participants get into it, beat the post they’re attached to.

    I’d add the comment stalkers – the ones who never (apparently) never visit your site, but “like” every comment you post to other sites. What?

    Feel the pain…

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    1. They keep messing with the Reader, apparently! -Trying to make it better, according to their customer service!

      I don’t know if I’ve had people not respond appropriately… 🤔 I have had misunderstandings.


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