Rebooted TV Series are just like cheating husbands: a TV Review – Dexter: Next Blood (2021) – Season 1, Episode 1 — Bookshelf Battle

I’ve been a fan of Bookshelf Battler’s reviews for years. He’s hilarious and often says exactly why I didn’t like a film or show but couldn’t figure out why…

He’s baaaack. BQB here with a review of the sequel series about America’s favorite serial killer with a code. I’ve often said being a fan of a cable TV show is a lot like being the long suffering wife of a husband going through a bad mid-life crisis. There we stand at the doorway in […]

TV Review – Dexter: Next Blood (2021) – Season 1, Episode 1 — Bookshelf Battle

30 thoughts on “Rebooted TV Series are just like cheating husbands: a TV Review – Dexter: Next Blood (2021) – Season 1, Episode 1 — Bookshelf Battle

  1. Am I the only one who actually accepts the ending of Dexter? Yes, the premise of ‘a new life far from Miami’ is hackneyed as Hell, but put that aside; He sits, alone, he has gone, over eight episodes from feeling he is a non-human, to developing human feelings, to dealing with the pain of HIS loss, now sitting, an empty shell of a human being. OK, no dark humour in this conclusion but it’s far deeper and darker than most wanted to see. The only way he can deal with his losses are by trying to stay dead inside? Yes, I am in a tiny minority, and I don’t think it wraps and bags it all up all that efficiently- heh heh- but it works for well enough for me. I certainly don’t loath it.
    Isn’t it wonderful we can all see the same thing and yet all see something different?

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    1. I’m not sure what a good Dexter ending would be and part of me thinks it peaked a bit earlier when the police discovered “The Bay Harbor Butcher” exists in Season 2. Ultimately, I think I was looking for either some kind of meaningful showdown where Miami PD realizes they’ve been betrayed all along by Dexter and there is a showdown…or perhaps they come so close yet again Dexter squeaks away from detection by a nose. His sister was too strong a character and seems unlikely she would have covered for him. At any rate, I thought the ending was terrible…but that he steers his boat into a hurricane and presumably dies so…at least it was an ending. When we see him later in Pacific NW I was like, bah they couldn’t even commit to an ending.


  2. As usual, I never know what’s going on in the world. I’ve never heard of Dexter. Oh well, I’ll continue to meander through life while young people are mystified how little I know. 😁

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  3. I tried to read the post behind your link but couldn’t get rid of its annoying pop up block on Privacy & Cookies. Is this what paying for WP means now?

    I didn’t know this show, Dexter – that’s what we named one of our dogs, btw – but I don’t often enjoy sequels – diminishing returns – so, I imagine, a reboot of a concluded show would be even worse. The other thing I don’t like is remakes. There are a lot of things I don’t like when it comes to visual entertainment then! 😁

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    1. I’m sorry you couldn’t read it. It wasn’t so much about “Dexter” as how funny I found his description (as you noted) of bringing shows back:

      “I’ve often said being a fan of a cable TV show is a lot like being the long suffering wife of a husband going through a bad mid-life crisis. There we stand at the doorway in our bathrobe and hair curlers, begging him to stay. We tell him we have so many more years together, we’ll be more loyal to him that that hot new young blonde will, but nothing we can do or say will stop him from driving off in his new impulse by Ferrari as he chases new projects, i.e. new movies and shows that literally no one will remember and thus we are left all alone, baffled at how we could have invested so many years in a show that was ground to a screeching, unsatisfying halt.

      “Those shitty husbands have been returning in droves lately, all with shitty store bought bouquets in the form of tangential prequels and sequels. “


      1. Yes! 😁

        Btw, here we know those bouquets as garage flowers, garage here being what we call filling stations, for filling gas – though we call it petrol – petrol stations! So, these are the only places we find bunches of cut flowers late at night – apart from cemeteries and crematoriums. So it’s kind of a last minute consideration, better than coming in empty handed, or perhaps not.

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        1. An apt nickname. The same were called drugstore bouquets, but I haven’t heard that in a while. I think a current author would just say “cheap bouquet” or maybe “grocery store bouquet.”


  4. oy! I have disliked all tv reboots. As much as I was a die-hard fan of some of these popular tv series and wished that they never ended, I wish even more that they never tried to resurrect any of them. I think it totally ruins the mystique and integrity of the original show!

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  5. Thanks! I just noticed you reblogged this. You get so many comments. I get no comments. I used to get a lot of comments in the beginning but my comments have tapered off. It’s probably because you blog as a real person and I blog as a fictional character…I mean I am a real character and people just assume I am fictional.

    New Dexter is…OK…but, and not to sound like a broken record, the key to the first few great seasons of the show was that Miami PD was like a family and Dexter, it’s much loved goofy brother. The heartbreak that would happen if they discovered he was using police resources to kill bad guys under their nose, what would happen, never really explored.

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    1. A lot of why I get comments is I go comment on other people’s sites. (No hinting there). I haven’t caught much of “Dexter” but really enjoy the way you write reviews.

      Speaking of, have you not seen “Pitch Perfect?”


      1. No, not my cup of tea. That seems like a woman’s movie if you ask me.

        Eh maybe it’s because you comment but ultimately you blog as a mom about other mom things and other moms comment to commiserate. I am the only superhero magic bookshelf owner who fights zombies and werewolves and so on. I have no peers. It is very lonely.

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          1. It probably has nothing to do with being a mom then….it’s probably because you blog as a real person with a name and a face and everything. In retrospect, I wish I had picked a more real name sounding pen name. Even in my Amazon book reviews, there are reviewers who didn’t even read the book who are like “This book sucks because look at that stupid pen name.” If it doesn’t sound like a real name, people can’t relate.

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