Playground Rules

The class all took the lesson of Hamilton too well;

For, Tom and Brucie vowed to meet -outside- after the bell.

Yet on the way past Foursquare, Sue and Pete each swung a limb;

Tommy had to knock them out before they knocked out him.

Then, at the place of meeting, Bruce deloped and hit the tree;

Tommy cried, “He meant to strike!” and punched him in the spleen.


While Sue and Pete and Brucie all sat in with the nurse;

The other kids were singing tales, each with a diff’rent verse.

Said Principal, “These playground fights are such a mixed-up mess.

“Our outside cam’ra’s blurry and the fighters won’t confess.”

All went home to fam’lies, and those fam’lies up and called:

Singing like the children, diff’rent verses one and all.

Photo from Unsplash.

©2021 Chel Owens

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