Import Important, by JulesPaige

Import Important
(99 syllables, Double Ennead Ekphrastic Acrostic
of the split words of Import Important)

I employ the rake to
manage the fall leaves
piling them high at the curb for picking up
or some are for my trees
raked round their bases

tender protection for
inclement weather
might damage the roots that are near the surface
perhaps when snow piles high
over the back yard…

rest well with slow sap, my
trees that shed their leaves
and know that I look for budding health come spring
now though brace for winter;
time for dreamings’ nigh


If I too could sleep the winter through,
could I would I sleep thusly
under warm leaf quilts

©2021 JulesPaige

Jules is a poetmaster, weaving words expertly whenever she wishes.

20 thoughts on “Import Important, by JulesPaige

        1. For example I turned that last verse into an American Traditional haiku:

          could I sleep winter
          through; should I, could I sleep there
          under warm leaf quilts

          © JP/dh ~Jules

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  1. Might I lay in slumber
    Might I rot. Might I decay
    Might I find this night
    To be not followed by a day
    To stop this haunting vision
    You are gone. I know not where
    Be it hell or be it heaven
    I ask the Lord to take me there
    That I might sleep through winter
    Beneath these trees that splinter. Leaves that fall
    And from a dream of summer memories
    Never wake at all

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