28 thoughts on “Acrostic Poem: Boy Mom

  1. Another bit of poetry
    Challenging your skill
    R ules and regulations
    Over my head, it’s overkill
    Underrated, understated
    Suits a special sort of mind
    T o me it’s too much work
    I am simply not the kind
    Cant seem to make it happen

    P lease help me make it rhyme
    Oh my goodness gracious
    Every letter, every line
    Makes this a hopeless exercise
    Sadly I have failed

    (though for a little moment there I thought I had it nailed)

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      1. Ah, yes … but yours has some deeper thought, personal insight and a sense of direction leading it down a path, whilst mine is a simple matter of putting one foot in front of the other with absolutely no regard for direction. So I can stumble off the path and wander into the forest, like the doddering old man that I am, forever slightly lost in my own backyard.

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  2. Love this a great Acrostic. You’ve inspired me to do one ….I used mum instead of mom 💜

    Beloved mancub
    Only happy in mud
    Yearns to run far

    Maybe she can tame Him
    Uncertain outcome, that
    Mind you she will try

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