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  1. Chel, Tony Robbins and others have made a fortune telling us things that we already know, but providing us with the confidence to believe ourselves. It’s a cheap party trick – confirmation bias. You only recognise the wisdom of your own thoughts when somebody else reads them too you.
    I don’t know you and I don’t know Tony Robbins – but I’d be more inclined to take your advice than his, because I would trust your motives.

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    1. True, true (except for the flattery). I’ve been passing along quotes since the blog’s first days and have lately thought on our human fascination with attaching famous names to groups of words. I find I’m drawn because of the new perspective and determination I gain from that particular re-grouping.

      I’ll have to try my hand at advice on future. 😉 I would be naturally more inclined to literally accept yours as well.


      1. I’m big on quotes too, but the good quotes are not about advice, as such, but rather about pointing you towards things and letting you figure it out for yourself. Good quotes are frequently just personal observations upon the human condition.

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