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      1. Isn’t Happy one of the twelve dwarves?
        No seriously, I was happy. I was attached to only one boat while I was in. Never really had anything to look back on, or forward to.

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  1. I left various patches of grass, thinking that the grass on the other side of the fence was greener, only to discover that it was quite brown and dried up, but alas now I’m trapped on the wrong side of the fence and realized my original patches were quite green all along.

    Ultimately, the grass is greener where you water it.

    In conclusion, I can’t be happy until I have my Toilet Gator millions.

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      1. I know everything now but I figured it out too late and my body is too old. Also, I think I know everything but keep making the same mistakes anyway. I don’t think you ever get to know for sure if a big decision was right until you’re 10 years into it. Like Tyrion said on Game of Thrones when someone asked if something was a good idea he said ask me in ten years.

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