5 Signs You’re A Writer

I found these scarily true. Let’s see if you can relate:


If you’re new to writing you might be thinking “hm, how do I know when I’m actually a writer?” I mean yes there’s the whole writing stuff malarky but there are also some other tell-tale signs you’re a writer that you should be on the lookout for.

1) Your search history is… interesting

Also potentially incriminating, but everything you Google is for writing purposes only. Unfortunately looking for details about how to treat a stab wound, or where Uranium is stored could put you on the radar of a national security agency or your local law enforcement. There’s also the ever-present danger of falling down a Wiki hole.

2) You have many, many notebooks

Even though you have ample digital devices in which to write and make notes, you still have many notebooks. There’s one by your bed, on your desk, in the loo – everywhere inspiration may strike. And…

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27 thoughts on “5 Signs You’re A Writer

  1. 1.Dictionary in ruins from over work
    2.Piles of unread books by the bed
    3.You have a special pen – and dozens of others as well.
    4.WikiPedia is always open
    5.There are coffee rings on your desk.
    6.The first thing when you get up is open up your mail to see if there are any acceptances/

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  2. That’s pretty spot on, though I’ll admit I used to write as I stormed through the city to the train station. My abuse of school kids who knocked me was legendary

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  3. Hmm, I don’t know about any of those signs…

    5 Signs You’re a Sign Writer

    1. You’re only comfortable writing on vertical surfaces.
    2. You have mahl sticks in your Amazon wishlist.
    3. You like telling people where to go.
    4. You’re never without a ladder.
    5. You do your best work outdoors.

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  4. I must be honest Chel and say (honestly) not a single one of those applies to my situation! I don’t have a Notepad or phone to keep ideas but one note book on my desk. No tbr reading list! The Wiki hole is avoided at all costs! Etc!

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