No! Not Elf on a Shelf!

As my good friend, Ruth, knows after my reaction to her post about her resident porcelain dolls, I am not a fan of creepy toys. Who in their right mind thought one that moves around and spies on you isn’t terrifying?

I cannot find the original source for this wonderful idea anywhere.

After stumbling across this picture, I felt it was an excellent time to bring back -throwback- Snappy McSprinkles.

37 thoughts on “No! Not Elf on a Shelf!

  1. I went on vacation in Idaho recently, and they had an elf on the shelf in the hotel… all the kids were way too rowdy looking for it because they offered a free candy bar or something to the ones who found it.

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  2. Amusing; however, the image, utilizing (what appear to be) chicken bones, actually made me feel nauseous. … I’m not vegetarian, though I seldom eat ‘meat’ but do eat prawns or shrimp pretty much on a weekly basis.

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