Foremost, Facts are Freeing -Three Things Challenge

Foremost, we see
The facts of birds, bees
Make some youth feel free.

Aftmost, we find
The parties, purblind
Say -sight was in hind.

©2022 Chel Owens

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That’s all I got, Madame Pensitivity. If you want to try her Three Things Challenge #844, click the link.

18 thoughts on “Foremost, Facts are Freeing -Three Things Challenge

  1. Ha…I mentioned to someone that if I had hind-sight… I might have seen where I was falling on the ice (about a week plus ago). Me rear was one of the places that landed on hard concrete steps!! 🙂
    (I’m OK, really I am!)

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      1. Muscles take some time to heal. I also wacked the back of my head but I had a thick hat on… thankfully I didn’t fall far and no vital organs were damaged 😉

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