Neverending Lau-ahn-dreeee!

If there’s one thing I hate in life, it’s chocolate-covered raisins. Such deception!

A close second, however, is housework.

Dishes, tidying up, laundry, vacuuming, dusting, toilets, mirrors, counters, beds, shelves, drapes, dishes, windows, cooking, laundry, showers, mopping, dishes, and laundry -over and over in a neverending cycle!!

Growing up with chores, I knew my parents assigned them out of a sadistic sense of selfishness. When I’m older, I vowed, I am never doing jobs!

I haven’t quite checked that one off my bucket list.

I have learned which tasks I prefer over others. Like, loading a dishwasher or organizing a space instead of putting away clothes. And, I’ve talked with others who’ve told me their most- and least-favorite chores. An aunt says she hates vacuuming the floor but my sister loves it.

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Which leads to today’s obvious question: do you think chocolate-covered raisins are an abomination?

All right, all right. Do you have a household task you’re fond of? What about one you despise?


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Matt of A Prolific Potpourri has been doing audio performances of my Wilhelmina Winters series. He does them once a month for Short Story Saturday and they are excellent. Go listen!!

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59 thoughts on “Neverending Lau-ahn-dreeee!

  1. Housework is bad for the soul. It doesn’t run away, either, so I wait until I can’t see the rug for the dog hairs and then call in ‘a friend’ to do the forensic cleaning. Safer for everyone, that way. No tantrums, no broken machinery, no tossing out of anything that gets in the way …

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  2. I used to try to trick my kids into eating raisins by giving them chocolate covered ones. It didn’t work. The younger one just sucked off the chocolate and spit out the raisin and the older one didn’t trust another little oval shaped piece of chocolate again.

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  3. I will vacuum all day! 🤓 I’ll load the dishwasher but don’t like to unload. I strip the bed but loathe making it. I organize everything except my sock/undergarments drawer. I don’t pair socks. Laundry is ok because I don’t have an overwhelming amount. I do two loads of clothes and a load of towels a week so not too shabby. I enjoy a tidy but lived in home. I also enjoy cleaning because I am weird but that’s another story 😂

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  4. I like cleaning the walls, but I hate vacuuming. I’m a bit obsessive compulsive about cleaning. I cleaned the fridge on Christmas Day and the oven the next 😁

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  5. Those little treats were called poppets when I was a kid. I bought the cutesy vision and still enjoy them. But at heart I’m a chocolate covered chocolate sort of guy.
    Housework… I rather follow my mother’s lead which is housework is tolerable if it (a) keeps you healthy such as cleaning plates surfaces fridges, (b) stops others reeling away in disgust such as laundry and (c) creates space for other interesting activities such as putting accumulated clutter/laundry away. But housework for aesthetic reasons – most ironing and vacuuming – were to be avoided if possible. That said I do accept some societal norms so I do the vacuuming as long as I only have to pick up an iron in the event of a burglary and the absence of any other defensive weaponry.


    1. The lovely thing about advances these days is that I haven’t had to iron a shirt in years! …COVID has a hand in it, as well, since Kev hasn’t been into the office in two years.

      Iron as defense is brilliant. That needs to be your weapon of choice now, Colonel Mustard.


  6. I always ask, “what would Mary Poppins say?”

    I expect she’d say a chore is only a game played miserably but I feel she’d agree chocolate coated wizened grapes were an abomination.

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  7. Worse are raisins disguised as chocolate chips in cookies. Diabolical deception. It’s a conspiracy. Chores? Good thing my husband likes to vacuum with that contraption he bought.

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    1. This is why you and I are friends, Pam. How could I forget the letdown of biting into a chocolate chip cookie and discovering RAISINS??

      Keep a vacuuming husband. They’re handy. I can imagine you’re more of the alphabetizing-books person.

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  8. I love everything about chocolate covered raisins, except the price. They keep raisinette.

    I don’t think there are any household chores that I love, nor any that I hate. But I will say that it’s been getting rather tiring, trying to housebreak our new puppy, and cleaning up after her “accidents.”

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    1. Ha ha… you got a chuckle out of me there.

      I hear you on the puppy-training! I kept wondering why we bought a little spray bottle of carpet cleaner when we clearly needed a cement floor with a drain.

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  9. I hate cleaning the bathroom. I love organizing spaces for functionality. And no to chocolate covered raisins. Yes to raisins, yes to chocolate, no to combo

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  10. Hi Chel, you are so funny. I don’t like raisins covered in chocolate because they are far to sweet. I don’t have a sweet tooth at all. I like hanging washing on the line. I take my audio book and spend a pleasant 15 to 20 minutes hanging everything in an orderly fashion on the line. I am very fussy and all the underwear must be pegged in the same direction, and everything hung the neatly with no wrinkles and definitely nothing inside out.

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  11. I saw a licence plate that read; I H8 HSWRK – that about sums it up for me.
    Now though it is better only having to do such for two and Hubby helps (well occasionally).

    I think some of your boys are old enough to help with some of those ‘chores’. I had mine when they were younger help unload the dishwasher – I kept the cupboards so they could reach certain things easier. They folded the kitchen towels; just in half and half again. Matched sox. Etc. You live in the house you help, period. Breadwinner or not. The parent that stays at home (traditional or not…) works too. And either all help or the Breadwinner can provide to pay for some help!!

    One thing I have learned. If hubby is loading the dishwasher… walk away. It may not be the way I’d load it… but its getting done. Same with folding laundry etc.

    Good think I am not a perfectionist and am not afraid of old spiderwebs or Dust bunnies. Yes I just looked in the corners of the room I’m in and might just have to get that extended duster out… esh.

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    1. I need that license plate; although I’m definitely fond of keeping the one I have (42).

      I’m still working on job distribution. We had a lot in place before the move. Between extra orders at Christmas for the dice store and delivery and COVID and school, we’ve had to run most things on the fly.

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  12. Come on now, that burst of concentrated sweetness with dark slightly bitter coating, delicious. As for chores, the robot vacuum may be the greatest invention of modern time, at least until they invent one that dusts!

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  13. I really hate it too. Sometimes I think about hiring a maid, then everyone says, “What? You can’t expect your maid to wash your dishes and do your laundry and blah blah blah” and I’m like, “Well, seriously, what does a maid do then?” Seriously, what other profession is like this? “What? You can’t hire a lawyer! You need to go to court and handle your legal problems on your own!” “What? You need brain surgery? What kind of a lazy jerk expects a doctor to do brain surgery on them? You march right out to the garage right now and get the power drill and…”

    But then I think like, when you take your car to get detail, you clear out the worst junk, right? You don’t bring it to them with trash lying around. You get the worst of it yourself then they polish it off. So maybe maids are house detailers. Huh. That’s cool. I should start my own maid business and call it house detailers but I’m too lazy.

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  14. I don’t like raisins at all.. I used to as a child but nope, not anymore, can’t stand them! I give them to Charlotte though and she enjoys them lol..

    I hate cleaning anything that looks moldy/black and hair lol.. okay so like for example, the drain or behind the toilet where all hairs usually collect, the hole in the sink (not the drain, the other hole)… I always get my husband to do those and he always wants to show me the process and I just want to gag lol… the great thing about our relationship is he is more than willing to do the chores that gross me out and I am more than happy to do the chores that he despises lol 🙂 good match, I’d say!

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