I’m a Mormon, So…

I’m a Mormon, so I don’t swear.

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We believe in keeping our language clean. We don’t use profanity. What the heck does that mean?

Profanity is disrespect or contempt for sacred things. It includes casual or irreverent use of the name of any member of the Godhead. It also includes any type of unclean or vulgar speech or behavior.

We should always use the names of Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost with reverence and respect. Misusing their names is a sin. Profane, vulgar, or crude language or gestures, as well as immoral jokes, are offensive to the Lord and to others.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Gospel Topics Manual

“Foul language is both degrading and harmful to the spirit.” Clean language, on the other hand, “uplifts and edifies others” (LDS Manual).

We do not DO NOT use God’s or Jesus’ name inappropriately. I think I never have. The rest of the curse words? Well, you can be darn sure I try my hardest. That, and I and others have several odd replacement words. My go-to is the French zut; but I have also heard darn, fudge, heck, flip, gosh, shiz, fetch, and goshdangit.

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Technically, we Mormons are officially members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and are to drop any name but that. Since many still run with the nickname of ‘Mormon,’ however, I will keep pace.

My other note is that I will keep to official doctrinal practices. I will add my own application of them, especially in response to comments.

My final note is that I LOVE discussing anything I write. Don’t be rude, obviously, but any and all queries or responses are welcome.

My final note beyond the final note is that I do not seek to convert anyone. I ought to, but am motivated by forming connections, answering curiosity, and straightening pictures. So, you’re safe.

55 thoughts on “I’m a Mormon, So…

    1. Temperance is also a virtue, but the words are important. I mean; someone might see a person and think s/he is ugly, but there’s a big difference between saying, “Wow; you are uggggleee” and, “Hey, Clair, I noticed you seem a little down today. I have a friend offering free makeup and photo sessions and thought you might be interested.”


  1. If a swear word ever even silently formed on our lips we would be for it and my parents never ever swore …I really dislike swearing and it seems a matter of course now and my children do or a couple of them do and if it is on FB it is prefixed by a sorry mum which they find funny…kids!

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  2. Most appreciated. I, on the other hand, did not grow up with such an approach to self-expression. But what I have come to realize is that there are so many words out there to express one’s feelings, that taking the time to find the creative way to state something a curse word could explain more succinctly, has a greater effect for it causes all parties to think!!

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  3. Are there no French Mormons? You would need an alternative replacement word if there were; you can never be sure of not being within earshot of a French Mormon unawares.


  4. You’re missing out, Chel. There’s a gut-pleasure in uttering a foul, filthy word. And foul words are quite efficient. They say it all in one breath. I’m all for foul language. I swear by it.

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  5. My folks would call us out if we said “oh brother” and we never said “oh, my goodness” These are considered Sunday School Swearing. One grandma would say “oh my stars” and I remember a cheeky little girl ruth calling her out! “Grandma, I didn’t know you had stars.”

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  6. Sometimes the words flow when I am really angry, sometimes I will add a word to a post now and again but I don’t swear (sadly I am guilty of calling out to Jesus a lot though, but I try my best to curb that habit especially because it bothers my wife.) But I have myself used substitutions like What the heebin hoobin or Gosh darn it or Dang it ect. I once had a female coworker whose every other word was F@#$. That to me is the epitome of ignorance.

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  7. Good teaching from the Topics Manual: “Profanity is disrespect or contempt for sacred things. It includes casual or irreverent use of the name of any member of the Godhead. It also includes any type of unclean or vulgar speech or behavior.”

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  8. I curse a lot. Its a very bad habit and one I try to curb at all times, but I agree completely that it is disrespectful and entirely unnecessary. I think cursing diminishes the message you’re trying to convey. It becomes a distraction.

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  9. I don’t cuss, either, but I HAVE cussed in dire circumstances. (I just try not to.) I’m very aware that the tongue is a rudder and can “set the whole course of one’s life on fire.” I’m a writer, and my characters cuss sometimes, but only if it fits them, not because I’m an old, reserved lady trying to sound hip.

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  10. I was raised in a strict Christian home so swearing was not taught nor tolerated. I have been known to drop a few f-bombs when I’m working by myself and I’ve not steered away from certain words in my writing if they are needed (and sometimes they maybe), but refrain from using profanity around others. It seriously dilutes any message I wish to convey.

    That being said, I’m glad that others cannot read my thoughts. I’m thankful that Zoom meetings have a camera off button and a mute button. As Mom used to say, “If you can’t say anything nice, then don’t say anything at all”…

    Side note: I never heard my father say any profanity except I heard him say damn it once. A couple of years before he passed he was having some dementia symptoms due to his oxygen levels. I was talking to him one afternoon and mom came in upset about something he did that was really trivial. He didn’t say a word until she walked down the hall and turned the corner. He turned to me and said “What a B****”! I’ve often wondered what was going on between his ears all those years before…

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    1. 😀 I think everyone needs an outlet and cussing is quite a common one. My mother swore occasionally -as in, a few times in my lifetime. My dad, as with yours, never.

      Similarly, I’ve dropped a few s- and d-‘s while Kevin never has.

      That’s a funny story about your father. 🙂 I’ll try to be more like him.

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  11. I think there is a place for the occasional correctly placed and timed epithet. So long as what you say isn’t an everyday stream-of-expletive laden rant there is literally something to be said for a word that underlines the feeling behind it. It makes a startling Impression if you don’t swear often. And I mean ‘geewilikins’ or something similarly twee is beyond quaint.
    But if one doesn’t swear one doesn’t have to apologise, I guess.

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  12. Someday I should write a novel about the Mormon girl who tried to convert me for marriage and the best I could offer is she could posthumously convert me as Mormons do. I feel like she wasn’t going to get that kind of compromise anywhere else but alas she dumped me and married a Catholic who I bet didn’t even offer posthumous conversion. Joke’s on her. She’ll be stuck in a lower glory forever thanks to that guy.

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      1. Not gonna lie, it gets pretty lonely these days, such that I wonder if it might not have been worth it to just don the holy long johns and go for it. She probably would have just found another problem though.

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            1. Dude. I mean that you should find a Mormon woman. Many of them really really want families as they approach the ol’ 35. My one friend’s husband is 9 years older and they are expecting a baby in her late 30’s.


  13. It is very intersting that some folks will create or use other launguage words that they think are harmless. Does using a made up word count – if the thought is as bad as the deed?

    I’m going to send you an email with a story about misword other language usage. I just don’t think it is appropriate to post 😉 It really isn’t that bad, if one considers the correct name of certain body parts. For example there are many ways one says they are going to use the ‘rest/ bathroom’ – some parents teach their children to use the correct terms other than ‘one’ and ‘two’…

    No one person can be so void of ill words. Though I think it is nice to try.

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    1. For me, I swear when I’m quite angry and feel like communicating that in a lazy, mean, simple way. You can insult someone more deeply with a comment that is smarter than swearing.

      I got your e-mail! One must always be careful with the cuss words s/he chooses!

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      1. While cussing can be an ill use of words, which one can appologize for. Other times when anger isn’t expressed and silent takes hold – that could almost be worse.

        And I think some languages have an art of using regular words creatively as insults! Which are a mild form of swearing I think.

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