This is The End…..

She hadn’t thought The End would be like this. Nope. She, Sarah Biven, had pictured earthquakes, fires, tornadoes, tsunamis. Families would live in trees. People would fight wars.

Degradation of society proved, instead, to not be instantaneous.

It started with peanut butter.

It did! Sarah could not find her favorite, then could not find any. Funny, she thought, that The End meant no peanut butter. Then, it meant no grapes, no bananas, no meats, no paper goods at all. People rushed to install bidets …till the water ran out as well.

If only -she reflected- they’d not run out of peanuts and meat, she’d at least have had those wars. And what would they fight over? Toilet paper. Some things matter more than others …in The End.

©2022 Chel Owens

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  1. Upon learning that the soft, fluffy kinds of toilet paper were made from old-growth, Canadian trees, we switched to the sandpaper kind, made, allegedly, from recycled cardboard and discarded tires. It will be an easy transition to sticks and leaves.

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