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I often take pictures at the grocery store:

I’m just baffled at who would want these sorts of products; then, why is anyone confused that so many people are fat?

(For the record, I might try the Rolo variety. Twinkies, though? -no!)

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  1. Would it be that I was still ingesting sugar, I would fall on those Kit Kats like a drowning woman on a lifesaver. That being said. Packages like this would not be good for me as there is too much of a (if you’ll pardon the expression) a good thing. I was always more of the single-serving size fan.

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  2. I had heard they had these in Europe, but this is the first I was aware of them in the US. I’m with you – I might eat ice cream and those items separately, but together they don’t sound particularly appealing. Blizzards are about my limit on candy in ice cream. But then I also don’t frost brownies – they don’t need it!

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  3. I love sweets. So yes, I could eat sweets all day in stead of meals But, I also love fruits and veggies. Give me a radish to munch on any day over a steak). I don’t eat any red meat. The thought of it makes me heave. I eat fish, sometimes chicken, but I could live happily as a vegetarian, which I was for the majority of my life. I’ve had organic gardens, I never smoked, I am not a drinker, but I enjoy the wine at Passover Seders. I didn’t learn that my mom poured grape juice in all the children’s glasses until I was a teenager. So I was surprised to realize that real wine wasn’t as sugary sweet. Lol (If you aren’t Jewish then read about The Last Supper. It was a Passover Seder. And Jesus and the Apostles said the same prayers Over the wine, over the matzah ( unleavened bread) that I say each year with my family). You say quite a lot of prayers to thank G-d for getting us out of bondage and after each prayer you drink a little sip of wine. So by the end of the Seder which is at least an hour, after all the praying, thanking G-d, and retelling our flight from Egypt and how the angel of death “passed over” the Hebrew homes to save them for believing in one G-d, there’s been lots of wine Consumption. And then there is singing and the children look for the Afikomen ( Hidden matzah). The one who finds it gets a prize. When I was little it was nuts and a sweet dessert. Today all the children get sweet treats and the winner gets a little something special. So sweet treats, fruit or whatever were considered part of spring and we’re to be celebrated. We are free, the sweetness represents how good and sweet freedom is, but we also must tell of the bitterness of slavery and dip a stick of celery in salt water to represent the bitter tears of our ancestors who were slaves in Egypt. It’s a beautiful service. And makes you appreciate how lucky we are today.

    Anyhow, during chemo I lost my sweet tooth. If I ate anything sweet my reaction was exactly like how I felt about meat. Maybe because chemo gives you a metallic taste in your mouth so nothing tastes good. I lost so much weight I looked sickly. And my oncologist had me on protein drinks. I’m now on the chubbier side simply because I like sweets again. And yes, I gained back my weight quickly. Lol I like sweets so much that I could eat the frosting on a piece of cake and leave the cake part. Lol it’s just how my taste Bud are wired. It’s better to keep sugar down to a minimum but boy do love it. I’ll be going on a new chemo maintenance pill soon so it will be interesting to see if I start to dislike sweets again. I hope so… that way I can lose some of my pandemic pounds lol!

    But I think of Passover when I think of sweets. It reminds me of my heritage and the sweetness of religious freedom. Maybe that’s why I enjoy sweets. I’ve always thought of them as a blessing. Yeah, it’s good old fashioned Old Testament stuff, but it makes me think about the song from, Fiddler on the Roof. TRADITION!

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  4. If I didn’t make my own icecream it would be kitkat. I made choc hazelnut teamed with vanilla last week and now I’m making lime and vanilla.

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  5. I have never tried any of these, but ice cream is my weakness. I don’t smoke, use narcotics, I eat relatively healthy, and I only have the occasional beer, but keep the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream away from me, or I’ll eat the whole thing. We don’t keep it in the house for that reason.

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  6. I believe there is a God because all the things that are bad for you taste and or feel so good and all the things that are bad for you taste and feel so bad. Only an intelligent being could grasp that kind of irony.

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  7. And when you look at the price, who could just buy one. I mean 1 for 5.99 or 2 for 7. Double the sugar and fat for a dollar, makes you wonder how much they are ripping you off when it’s not on sale.

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  8. I’m guessing you live in the US? Canada has maybe 2-3 kinds at most, and the basic kinds. We lack variety here.

    That being said, these flavors don’t look very appealing to me. Maybe the KitKat or Oreo if they have that. Twinkies is a hard pass for me.

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    1. I do live in the U.S., land of terribly gross junk food in great varieties!

      I’m with you on the flavors. If I ever mix candy bars and ice cream, it’s when I go to an ice cream shop and they offer to crumble a crushed Heath bar over a scoop of vanilla.


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