Friday Photo

I read this sign years ago, at the Classic Fun Center in Sandy, Utah.

I’ve been told mine is an odd sense of humor. If pressed, I think this sign falls in my category of finding warning signs and disclaimers hilarious. You know they exist because someone did something that needed warning against…

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34 thoughts on “Friday Photo

  1. My father was something of a humorist, but also a Rugby Union referee. During a game of Rugby the referee may choose to issue a ‘caution’ to any player deemed guilty of foul play – meaning that any further infringement will result in that player being ‘sent off’, dismissed from the remainder of the game, in other words.
    So whenever my father saw a road sign that said ‘CAUTION – STEEP DESCENT’ or the like, he would feel obliged to immediately point to the sign and say, “Right, steep descent – one more like that and you’re off!’
    I suppose you had to be there …..

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  2. How funny! My current work in progress has a scene about my twelve-year-old protagonist going to the bathroom at the urinal, and he keeps rolling backward on his skates.

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  3. my guess is this sign was at a hockey rink, and that yes, somebody had an incident in the restroom because they were wearing skates. I hope the person didn’t try to sue the owners of the hockey rink…

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