WINNER of the Weekly Terrible Poetry Contest 3/17/2022

What a week! Joanne suggested we tanka about what’s in one’s pocket. Who wrote the winning poem; eh, Precious?

Twisted Tanka

by Colleen Chesebro

shopping lists and lint
my mittens turned inside out
pocket poetry
quiet your skeptical mind
get your winter coat dry cleaned


Congratulations, Colleen! You are the most terrible poet (I hope you take that as a compliment)! Let me know the type of poem and theme for the next two weeks!

I’m impressed that so many excellent writers stooped to write terribly about pockets. Colleen’s tanka won for breaking the most rules about writing a tanka and for making the least sense. Well done.

And, enjoy the others whilst you search your own pockets:

Terrible Tanka

by Frank

Inside my pocket
I found nothing. Anyway,
I cannot rhyme this
tanka so I won’t, but X
was where I found that nothing.



by An Artist Named M

Got the brand new pen
Cap in hand, pen in my shirt
Wow she’s , pretty hot!
Nipple Sweating? Profusely!
NO, no, no, no the ink leaked


In my pocket

by willowdot21

Sticky sweet wrapper
Impaled upon my house keys
Rusty safety pin
Half a snotty ripped tissue
One dip means messy fingers.


We Can’t All Be Ringo (a terrible tanka by Trent)

by trentpmcd

looked for Pepperland
in me yellow submarine
past the monster sea
so I grabbed a round thing up
I’ve an ‘ole in me pocket

OK, so Ringo said “I’ve -got- an ‘ole in my pocket”, but that was one syllable too long, and, well, we can’t be Ringo…



by The Bag Lady

standing with that look
satisfaction of a kook
made her pay the fine
for another’s love sublime
relax, he’ll get his in time


Identifying Holes

by Geoff

In my pocket I find
A hole through which my life slips
A hole robbing me
Of my sanity. And cash.
It is a complete A***hole…



by Greg

Hand in my pocket,
Looking to steal my spare change.
I’ve left a surprise,
Cold, moist, just a hint of slime.
“A used handkerchief, you swine!”



by Couldn’t be Pam

Mother’s pride turns sour
Dreading the moment, for now
its laundry time, must
put hands in pocket, oh what
Will we find? Boogers delight


Thank you, everyone! Come back to learn the next two weeks’ prompt.

Colleen: Here’s your badge you can post as proof of your poetic mastery:


©2022 The poets, and their respective poems.

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