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    1. These are electronic devices that show you when you’ve exceeded the posted speed limit. My son pointed out a homemade sign someone added, making the device look like a video game where the driver should try to get a high ‘score’ -a high speed, essentially. 😀


  1. In the UK, we have adopted poetical speed limit signs: “Twenty Is Plenty”.

    Also, but I’m sure you have these too, emoji speed warning signs: green smiley is good; red sad face is bad.

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      1. Happens all the time up here. Along the highways they hv e these signs that tell you how much the fine is for 20, 30 and 50 (km’s here in Canada) over the limit. More often than not somewhere within the next 2 km’s they are waiting. Starting to see the same tactic with the radar signs in neighbourhoods too. Soon they won’t need to be there as photo radar is becoming more prevalent.

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  2. Jokes aside, I enjoy seeing images from the other end of the world that inadvertently lets me see what your area is like. Also, I’m mighty impressed by Ian’s ability to include images in comments. That’s a new thing I learned today. So here’s me trying it:

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