Nursery? Rhyme?

Christy had a mite largesse –
But not of spending dough.
Yes, ev’ry step that Christy took
Her ‘ess’ would jiggle so.

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Bill be hungry
Bill be slick
Bill is a cat and he stole the first lick.

Cookies candies puddings and pies…
Og’ling shops that make me cry.
When the owners see; say, “Hey!”
Dieting-me vows, “Another day!”

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Beep bop bell
Trucks made Daddy fell
Who left them out?
Little toddler lout.
Who picked them up?

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©2022 Chel Owens

Think these were funny? I’ll bet you can write a better one (or two or three!). Go ahead: think up a nursery-rhyme formatted poem for the current Terrible Poetry Contest.

11 thoughts on “Nursery? Rhyme?

  1. There feels loke theres a sense of downtrodden and frustrated truth to the last one. Six boys will never exactly be disposed to pick after themselves.
    So for you, in sympathy;
    I’ve tsked tsked and asked it-

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