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  1. I have been married (just once, and still going) for about one hundred years, but still find childish joy in introducing Mrs Richmond to others as ‘my first wife’. But I think she would find that tote bag very amusing. I wonder if I can order one online …

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  2. I think it’s a good idea in theory. A man needs different wives for different purposes. Some wives will be good earners and can bring home the bacon. Some wives will be good at taking care of the house and kids. Some wives you’ll be able to talk to and confide in and some wives you’ll have to watch what you say around. And you know, some wives will be more open to certain things in the boudoir thus taking the burden off the wives that aren’t into those kinds of activities. And they need a man to manage the flow chart of wife tasks and duties and that’s where I come in. But something tells me it wouldn’t work out as well as the fantasy.

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  3. Bwahahaha… Well as long as you know you are going to get asked… you might as well – buy it!
    Multiples were legal at one time. Apparently still in some areas (?) since there are shows about ‘sister-wives’… but are their any the other way around? I’m thinking like the like the Amazons? But then they were also warriors. 😀

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  4. Us guys love the women in our lives but let’s be honest who the hell could handle more than one (at a time)! And don’t get me wrong I am aware that the ladies in the house don’t want more than one of us around either. lol Happy Mothers Day!

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