A Mother’s Promise, in memory of Uvalde

I’ll see you soon,
I tell the sunshine behind your smile –
I promise your eyes; trusting, beautiful, brown.
Have fun at school. I’ll see you soon;
You say, I’ll see you soon.

what why
I ask I beg I cry
shadows block me
I scream at them
at nightmare sounds
crying crying crying
they stop me
hold me

I’ll see you soon, I whisper
to what’s left
what’s left of you
my girl my
sunshine my
future my

to empty eyes

and dead. dark. face.

©2022 Chel Owens

Not quite there, but that’s what I’ve got; a tribute to the parents of those killed at Uvalde, Texas.

28 thoughts on “A Mother’s Promise, in memory of Uvalde

  1. I have been depressed about this all week. I am a 2A supporter, but I am questioning it. On the one hand it’s a constitutional right and rights given away won’t come back. Rights restricted will eventually lead to rights restricted away entirely. On the other hand, I feel like every new generation of young adults seems more hellbent than the last on proving they can’t handle the responsibility. I could probably be talked into upping the gun purchase age to 21 since the past several shootings all seem to be young adults 18-20ish who haven’t gotten over high school bullying, haven’t realized it’s time to move on and live life rather than dwell on the past so they lash out violently. Maybe exceptions for 18-20 who joined military or law enforcement and 18-20 can use a gun owned by an adult family member on a hunting trip or at a gun range under their adult family supervision. You’d have to up the draft age to 21 though because you can’t tell 18-20 its ok for them to have a gun if we need to send them off to war but otherwise they’re idiots who can’t handle guns.

    You talk a lot about religion on this site and I hate to say it but I have to admit the older I got the more I saw religion as an opiate than something real. Irony is I made better choices in life the younger I was then as I reached my late 20s I believed less and less. I look back though and think it didn’t necessarily matter if God is real or not because the rules and lessons lead to a better life just the same. We got rid of religion and maybe in some ways it was good, i.e. maybe someone who had sex outside marriage shouldn’t spend the next 50 years worried they’ll end up burning in hell. On the other hand, people used to have a legit fear of hell and thus wouldn’t do things like this out of fear they’d end up there. Ultimately, we didn’t replace religion with anything good and the moral compass aspects that guide us to doing good and rejecting bad are needed but unfortunately are lost for a lot of people and I think this is a contributing factor.

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    1. Excellent, excellent points. I agree with you. I didn’t know an 18-year-old could purchase that level of firepower. They clearly cannot handle it. On that note, no one posting those thoughts and images can so that should also be part of the ability to have a destructive weapon.

      I believe, with religion, you’ve made the point that Dawkins makes. He says religion only involves guilt and wife-beatings and such and aren’t we enlightened people so civilized and fine without -therefore everyone is fine without?
      Your follow up thought is also accurate. We crave answers and need foundation. Without, we humans are empty and sad.
      I’m realizing that most associate a sort of naivety, ignorance, and lack of maturity with religion. Surely, only children ‘believe’ in God. He’s like Santa. A more dignified, enlightened view is an acceptance of Man as himself and his own destiny. I don’t feel that way. Embracing God only heightens my understanding and broadens my perspective. It’s a step up instead of a level down.


  2. Your poem is from the heart it’s devestating that it needs writing.
    I have said this to many stunned friends and I will repeat it to you with love.
    I weep with you Chel, unbelievablely there is a mass shooting every day in the US only the big ones make the News! I have written a poem on my blog …watch the wall my darlings three times after separate school shootings. I probably could post it monthly.
    More children die from gun crime than car crashes in the U.S.
    Money is more important than children in the U.S. and yes I have been admolished for saying this!
    But Mr Trump and his NRA friends have actually said, yesterday, the answer to these tragedies is to arm more people yes more guns??? No one should have a gun in their home. I have said this so often.
    Thank God for good people like you..
    God help you, you are in the minority. God Help America the NRA will not.
    Take heart Chel💜💜


    1. Thank you, Willow. I am not big into politicizing this issue; every issue has a greater story behind it than what we’re able to see so I never fully trust the window.

      The tragedy is tragic and the success of healthy families would go much further to reducing them than legislation.


  3. So terribly heartbreaking, Chelsea. This brought tears to my eyes. I can’t imagine the pain of those parents. We have a lot of soul-searching to do in this country if we can’t seem to find the will to keep our children safe.

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  4. How do you send your children to school and they don’t come home? It’s been several days, and I still feel like I haven’t processed it yet.


    1. I don’t know. That’s the point that catches me. I’m so saddened at the thought of going to pick up your kids after school and they’re dead.


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