I’m a Mormon, So…

I’m a Mormon, so I don’t shop on Sundays.

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Sunday, our Sabbath day, is set aside for honoring our heavenly father. We Latter-day Saints attend church, spend time with family, keep activities low-key, and avoid causing others to work. So, no shopping, eating out, remodeling a bathroom, visiting the local aquatic center, or skipping church to walk around the mall.

It’s “a day of rest.”

The Sabbath is the Lord’s day, set apart each week for rest and worship. In Old Testament times, God’s covenant people observed the Sabbath on the seventh day of the week because God rested on the seventh day when He had created the earth (see Genesis 2:2). After the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, which occurred on the first day of the week (see Mark 16:2), the Lord’s disciples began observing the Sabbath on the first day of the week, Sunday (see Acts 20:7).

LDS Student Manual, “Sabbath Day

Online retailers and 24-hour shopping marts can make adherence to this commandment tricky, but I aim for no browsing or impulse-buying when within midnight to midnight of a Sunday.

And, in case you wondered, those who need to work (like, doctors) or those who need to spend money (like, discovering there’s no food) are fine to do so.

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We Mormons are officially members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and are to drop any name but that. Since many recognize the nickname of ‘Mormon’ and it works with the alliteration so well, however, I will use the term.

My other note is that I will keep to official doctrinal practices. I will add my own application of them, especially in response to comments.

My final note is that I LOVE discussing anything I write. Don’t be rude, obviously, but any and all queries or responses are welcome.

My final note beyond the final note is that I do not seek to convert anyone. I am motivated by forming connections, answering curiosity, and straightening pictures. So, you’re safe.

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      1. It seems. I looked into it and apparently that was once an every day thing over a century ago including being against what was considered “blue laws”.

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  1. It is good to keep this commandment having a day of the week when one “rests” from the weekly activity to focus on the Lord. I mainly read real books including the Bible avoiding my normal weekly activities usually on the computer. I leave the computer off to make sure this day is set apart.

    Recently I’ve shifted from Sunday to Saturday for this set apart day. I also shifted the beginning and end of the day to occur at sunset rather than midnight. So my Shabbat now starts on Friday at sunset and ends on Saturday at sunset.

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  2. As a kid raised by Catholic parents, I remember having debates about Sunday shopping around my Grandmother’s Sunday dinner table. It was a huge political football here in Ontario. So much so that Sunday shopping became the biggest issue in a provincial election that probably should have been focused on more pressing issues. The proponents proclaiming an economic boon for small businesses, tourism, and the province as a whole. The naysayers preaching of the impending downfall of the family and civilization as we know it.

    I suspect both sides had valid points, but neither to the extent they’d exaggerated the effects to be. That said I do believe as a society we have lost touch with some of the family values that led to a kinder, more appreciative world. Perhaps a pause from the daily consumer rush to reflect and rest isn’t such a horrible idea. You could argue that it was the start of a slippery slope that has forced many of us to always be on call in the 24/7 economy of today.

    Although I am not a churchgoer or even a believer in something or someone bigger than us. There is something about community building that faith center gatherings can facilitate by bringing people together for the good of society.

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    1. You said it, Greg! Those are all my observations as well, although (as is obvious) I’ve chosen a religious life.

      I can’t exec seem to convince people to not spend at all on Thanksgiving so that EVERYONE can spend that time with family.

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  3. Would this include leisurely work? In England, though not so much lately, it’s been a tradition to tend to the garden over the weekend. Money may not be involved and it’s good for our physical and mental health. I suppose I could include any activity hobby which requires physical or mental effort.

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    1. When the current president of the LDS church was asked to respond to specifics, he said to look at where the activity puts your focus. If you feel close to God whilst gardening, why not?

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  4. For Jews who follow the Old Testament, The Sabbath (Shabbat), is observed at sunset on Friday evening and ending after dark on Saturday evening. It goes back to ancient Israel linking G-d to his people.
    So we observe it based on traditions that are thousands of years old. Following traditions can be quite lovely. Enjoy yours.

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  5. I like the consistency! Some use the sabbath as an excuse not to do things, but go out to eat on Sunday… 🤷🏻‍♀️

    I guess everyone does what is right for them and according to their church teachings!

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  6. As a child, nothing was open on Sundays or over Easter and Christmas and nobody starved or brought too much food and wasted it..Sundays we attended church in the morning had lunch and visited our grandmother or she came to us for tea …I don’t like 24hr shopping I know it is better for people on shift work but shifts have always existed before Sunday opening and 24 hr opening…Sunday was always the Sabbath and a day of rest in our house 🙂

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  7. We all must do what we feel comfortable with. Sometimes we don’t have choices – Like firefighters, police or doctors. Enjoy your resting! But how much rest can you get as a mom of five (or if you count your hubby six 😉 ) You need to start having some of the ‘guys’ prepare some of those Sunday meals? (((Hugs)))

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        1. It’s okay. Every time we’ve gone to a restaurant, I don’t remember what number to tell them. Last night, we finally did it: eight. So, then they gave us a table with eight chairs and eight water cups and eight menus …I had to say that we had a toddler and a baby who couldn’t use any of those things. 🤦‍♀️

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