Open Book Blogger Award, from John Teal

It’s been awhile (guess I drove some potentials away) but I’ve gotten another blogging award.

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I’m super proud of this one, because it’s a unique honor bestowed by John Teal. According to his site:

Every now and again in the blogging world, you come across a creator that is an “Open Book” They are open about what they believe, feel or know. These people may have a niche audience, or they may be blogging about everything and anything. Whatever the subject, you just feel that if you were to sit in a room with them, they would be the same person. They are not blogging to gain popularity or likes, they are just laying it out as they see it.
Now that is not to say they would be talkative if you met them, they may be introverts or have imposter syndrome.. But deep down, what you see is what you get… they are without guile. The Open Book blog award is created to recognise just such people.

John Teal, “Open Book Blogger Award

Not only do I need to brush off my formal dining wear, I need to thank John for FINALLY giving me a label for this eclectic blog o’ mine: Open Book.

Enough with the acceptance speech. Let’s get right to fulfilling the requirements, which include answering some questions:

  1. Why do you blog?
    At this stage, for kicks and giggles …and connecting with my friends.
  2. What motivates you to share your thoughts?
    Sometimes, late at night, I have an itch. I …must …write ...a poem making fun of Ed Sheeran. Or, you know, someone nominates me for a blogging award.
  3. Are you disappointed if a post doesn’t reach many people?
    Hm. Yes and no. I was more disappointed before anyone read my stuff at all. Now, I’m more disappointed if people completely misunderstand what I wrote.
  4. Are there posts you have planned but never written – because its just too open?
    Yes! Yes! Yes! Mostly, those are political ones.
  5. How long have you blogged for?
    Years. I’ve a blogiversary coming up on June 24.
  6. Is there a blog post you have written and amazed yourself with?
    Yes. I find I write better toward a challenge. Charli’s prompts at Carrot Ranch are great for this.

Okay… now I’m to nominate others who are open. Thing is, most of my blogging friends are open book. We bond at that level. Specifically, I’ll say to check out Pete Springer and Bossy Babe. If you two want to answer the questions and keep the nominations rolling, go for it.

And here’s the badge:

©2022 Chel Owens

24 thoughts on “Open Book Blogger Award, from John Teal

      1. The funny thing about having a French name is the fact you never find Pard used in modern French. Indeed I’ve seen it once, In Shakespeare ‘s Seven Ages of Man speech ‘bearded like the Pard’. That and the fact every French teacher I had was disappointed that I wasn’t a fluent speaker.

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        1. 😀 I would assume fluency if I were a French teacher meeting you.

          I’ve felt a similar embarrassment at my inability to speak German (and my distaste for the idea). My great-grandmother came over from Germany at five. I knew her and heard her speak -but couldn’t drum up any interest. I still hope she’s not disappointed.


    1. You’re right! I’m pretty much the same all the time unless you’re one of my kids. They get a stricter version!

      I’m sure you would be just as genuine in real life, too.


  1. John chose a blogger that fits the category well. I’d say it’s quite the compliment when someone says they imagine you’re the same way in person. I picture you that way too, Chel. Your “I’m a Mormon, so…” series is a perfect example of how you share your beliefs without being judgmental of others who might have a different belief system. That’s as it should be.

    While I appreciate the nomination, I don’t typically follow through because I can always think of many other bloggers who deserve recognition. Meeting Jennie Fitzkee and Jim Borden in person confirmed they were exactly who I thought they’d be—genuinely kind and fun people to spend the day with.

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    1. Yeah, no worries Pete. I like to use the awards as a way to introduce followers to other blogs. Participation is always optional.

      And thank you for the compliments.

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