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  1. Was it an umbrella he had? You can hide beneath an umbrella in public, even if your face is universally famous and people would normally notice you on the street and wonder why you were so sad.

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      1. Actually, I stopped reading autobiographies. Fact or fiction? They’re very one-sided.

        What would be the title of yours if you wrote it? Maybe the title of this blog?

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        1. Me? I’m sure I would try for something clever. I’m not attached to the title of the blog but merely tried to make an obvious HHG reference.

          What about you? What would yours be named?


  2. I’ve read that Charlie and his brother largely raised themselves as his father passed when he was little and his mom dealt with a severe illness. A large percentage of comics seem to have a lot of sadness in their lives. Perhaps this is one of the ways they manage.

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