38 thoughts on “#ShareYourDay #TankaTuesday

  1. Often when my Hubby goes on a Hazmat call… I think that if someone had just slowed down and heeded life respectfully… Some situations are not pretty at all.

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  2. Midway point, eh? looking forward and back in equal measure. Stops you short, and should give you time to think; But life at the moment doesn’t allow too much time to over-think it, theres things to do Right Now…

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  3. As a new driver (my family was on a long trip, and I was beginning to log my first 1,000 miles), ours was the first car to arrive following a fatal crash along the Columbia River between Washington and Oregon. That image of a semi-truck on its side with kegs of beer on the road will never leave my mind. Buried under that mess was a family of four who lost their lives.


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