Blogging Friends, In Real Life

Ever since I realized people existed behind these things called ‘blogs,’ I’ve dreamt of meeting one.

I mean, why limit exchanges to pun-filled banter, terrible poetry, or sharing story prompts? Why not, say, share lunch?

Yesterday, I finally had that privilege.

While on a whirlwind family vacation to Oregon, I thought, Hey; I know someone who lives in Oregon. Maybe -just maaaybe- she’d be willing to meet.

I’m talking about the intelligent, effervescent, engaging, classy, kind, accommodating D. Wallace Peach.

©D. Wallace Peach

(I’m also honorably-mentioning my favorite aunt and uncle, a former neighbor, and an online friend of Kevin’s. All were treated to a ‘could we stop by?’ out of the blue. Sorry, guys.)

We barely made it work. When we came down to ‘we ought to just bag it and try for next time,’ I recalled the lessons I’ve learned from COVID-19’s quarantines and infections. Sometimes, there may not be a ‘next time.’

Thank you, Diana, for helping me seize the day. Thank you for not running in panic from my persistent attempts to connect.

I figured she must be old hat at this lunch-with-a-fan thing.

Ironically, I learned I was her first blogger meet-up as well.

©Chel Owens. Oregon is SO GREEN.

Now that we’ve broken the ice, we want to know: who else? The UK group hosted an annual Blogger’s Bash; why can’t we? Diana says Colorado is lovely… What say you?


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©2022 Chel Owens

53 thoughts on “Blogging Friends, In Real Life

  1. Hum, being I still need to get a Real ID to fly, Colorado is sadly out of the equation. Although, I am game to meet any of the bloggers I have met and gotten to know online.

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  2. omg, a ‘blogger bash’ would be so great! Diana and I almost met in person once and still plan to do so eventually. The book event we were scheduled to attend together got cancelled a couple years back. Someday… In the meanwhile, I will envy you both… two of my blog-friends I’d most like to meet-up with. And you actually got to hang out with each other. 😀

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  3. I often dream of meeting other bloggers in person. I’ve been lucky to do just that with two other bloggers who live in my area (we even attended the same church for a while) but we met for the first time online! Writers are often different in person than how you imagine them just from reading their stuff. That’s what I’ve noticed. 😊

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    1. How neat! Yes, I’ve noticed that as well. For one thing, I attended a writer’s conference where the guest speaker stood up -and I kept waiting for the *real* one to come after her! She looked nothing like the featured photo in the printed program!

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  4. Hi Chel, how lovely that you met Diana. I met the late Mary Smith while I was in the UK in 2019. I will certainly meet up with the local bloggers I know who live in Cape Town if I ever get that trip sorted. The allure of the wild continuously derails it.

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  5. I am about seizing those opportunities when they come along. Somehow, I’ve become “the organizer” among many of my friends. Ten years ago, I never thought I’d be that person, but I’ve learned to embrace this role. If somebody neglects to take the lead, I know these friendships burn out like the embers of a fire. Meeting teachers Jennie Fitzkee and Jim Borden this year couldn’t have turned out any better (10 out of 10 in both cases.)

    It’s hard for me to believe Diana describes herself as introverted because she’s so personable on her blog. Good for you in making that meeting happen.

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    1. Chelsea did mention your blogger in-person connections, Pete, and I remembered you posting about them. Chel and I had a whirlwind lunch with her family in tow, and it was so much fun. I’d do it again, for sure.

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  6. Do try a Bloggers Bash I can definitely recommend them I managed four out of five and each one got better. I love to meet you too ….fingers crossed one day.
    So glad you met Diana it’s always great isn’t it 💜💜

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      1. I totally reveal my real name when I meet people in person. But I admit I’m going on intuition as to a persons character. If I thought they might be “off” I wouldn’t meet them

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  7. Awww. How fun to see a bit of a celebration here. I completely forgot to get a photo of our meeting! I’m so glad you were persistent and that we were able to connect. I threw out Colorado, but anywhere would be fine with me for a bloggers’ bash. It was fun to browse the comments and see that others are interested too. Have an awesome day, my friend. Huge hugs.

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  8. If it’s on planet blog, I’ll be there… I want to recite Vogon poetry with Chel for starters… finishers too. Sadly, if it involves travel, Dog will have to be represented by a biscuit of his choosing. And I get the excuse to dye my beard again… yay, the star-spangled tangle

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  9. Ohh blogger meet-ups always intrigued me but the recluse and the socially-anxious-caterpillar in me is scared that I won’t live up to ppl’s expectations (also I live ALLL THE WAY IN CANADA) LOL

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