A Child’s Breath

We’re only here for a breath.

Some breathe longer than others, of course; like octogenarians shuffling to hit a hundred years.

Others, very little. They gasp -we gasp- and our only son is gone. Our only daughter is still. Our only grandchild grows forever cold.

What do we do when our child is gone? -When we’ll hold them and no longer feel the rising-falling-softness of life against our neck?

What can we do -those of us still breathing?

©2022 Chel Owens

Dedicated to my good friend who just lost her ‘baby,’ her sixteen-year-old son, unexpectedly. I don’t know what happened but my heart aches for her loss.

28 thoughts on “A Child’s Breath

      1. ☹️😔I know if I were in that situation or any terrible situation, all I’d want is companionship… companionship that didn’t require anything from me…. not hosting, not cooking, not talking, just someone being there until I was ready to talk or share…. I would just let her know you’re there for her anytime…. food is always good too… if you have the resources, send food… everyone has to eat… you’re a good friend, Chel! 💕

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  1. Sad occasion but beautiful words, Chel. I think it would have to be the greatest loss not to see one’s kids achieve their dreams. I hope your friend gets the support and love she needs right now.

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  2. Nothing can top the pain of losing a child. It is so cliche but our children are not supposed to die before we do. Best thing you can do is let the family know you are there if they need you.

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  3. So sad and so shocking. Really puts the life we’re living at this moment in perspective. I’ve always said I was blessed in this regard having my elders for as long as I did and having the health and happiness of my children so far.

    It might be difficult, but I’d appreciate knowing how Mormon believers view why this happened and what will happen to the family and this gone-too-soon young man.

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    1. Losing a child ranks up there in my worst fears.

      The LDS teachings describe an eternal existence that began before our life here and that continues into forever. There is no official ‘why’ something happens so much as a ‘God knows you and your pain and offers His comfort.’ -You know, officially.


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