Loss of a Legend

Oh, my! I just learned that dear Hobbo passed away in August. For those who don’t know, he was a writer of some rather clever poems. I considered him as good as Ogden Nash or Shel Silverstein and thought to hear he’d been published. Instead, we learn he’s passed on.
His sons give an apt tribute, the way I’m sure he’d wish.

Goodbye, old friend.

For those curious, the following are just a few of his poems:

The Wordsmith
Twenty six letters
Are all that it takes
For the thousands and thousands
Of words that she makes.

She picks one or two
A dozen or so,
The nub of a poem
And she’s raring to go.

That’s not quite right,
Finds a good synonym,
This is not what I meant,
Opposite, antonym.

Not to forget
The syllable count,
Add one in there,
Take this one out.

Get all that right
And the rhythm is wrong,
Sort it out and it’s
Finished, mais non.

Before any of these
So called, latter stages,
She first needs a subject
To grace those blank pages.

The fraudulent chef
My, have you seen
how thin that chef looks?
I’ve a feeling he’s been
cooking his books!

Pronunciation denunciation
You’ll become a pariah
if you call it Yorkshire
and people will sneer
if you dare say Yorkshire
but the girl from Minorca
pronouncing it Yorkshire,
I will cover in kisses
and take for my Mrs.

Man on a bus
A pear-shaped man
in his pear-shaped clothes,
stuck his pear-shaped thumb
up his pear-shaped nose.
Put two pair-shaped bogeys
stuck to pear-shaped hair
in his pear-shaped mouth
where he ate the pair.

All poems copyright ©Hobbo

34 thoughts on “Loss of a Legend

  1. Definitely miss that dude, his poetry was amazing and hilarious. His son’s gave two loving memorials written in his style. It is always concerning to me when people leave without saying they are taking a break, because there is that chance that it’s a permanent break with no return. 😇👍 To Hobbo one of the best

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  2. Even when he said he was stepping away due to changing priorities I would check back every other day hoping for his return. It was a sad day when I checked in to find his sons’ heartfelt tributes. May Hobbo rest in peace.

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  3. Dear Hobbo, indeed! Oh no. Thanks for letting us know! I will miss him and his wry to silly wit and courageous voice against abuse and injustice. I’m glad you included the verse about pronouncing Yorkshire… one of my faves… there are so many. Farewell old friend. ❤

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